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“start a new day with a new wallpaper” and synchronized between macOS, iOS and iPad OS

27 mayo, 2021

Something as simple as updating the wallpaper of our computer or our mobile devices can change the experience of using them. DailyWall is a free application that can help us make this process automatic and surprising.

It is currently available for macOS, iOS, and iPad OS. Every day at 10 in the morning, DailyWall will take care of selecting a new wallpaper and applying it automatically. Anyway, if we prefer another time of day, we can modify it in the app settings.

“Not another Unsplash app”

Its creator, Max Rovensky, ensures that “DailyWall is not just another Unsplash application” (a famous repository of photographs and a huge community of photographers that in just over five years has become one of the largest on the web).

It states that “this collection of wallpapers is constantly expanding, and it is hand selected by professional photographers“In addition, they ensure that this collection is updated every week.

Window And Dailywall New Day New Wallpaper

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Being available also for iPad OS, iOS and macOS, that means that we can have the same wallpapers on all devices (synchronized through our iCloud account).

Window And Dailywall New Day New Wallpaper

Although we can use it for free, there is a pro version ($ 4.99 per month) that will allow us to change wallpapers in an unlimited way (in the free version we can only make one change per day).

Currently, this platform has more than 2,200 photos, divided into nine different categories. If we like a wallpaper and we have paid for the pro version, we can mark it as a favorite, and thus return to it later.