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Steam now offers full PS5 controller support

27 mayo, 2021

The Steam Input API is now compatible with the ps5 controller. This means that from now on Steam offers full compatibility with the LED, touch panel, vibration and gyroscope features of Sony’s DualSense.

If you are one of those who play on PC with a controller and you are also one of the lucky ones who could get hold of a PS5, or you decided to buy a DualSense to test the benefits of the new control, now you can not only connect it to your Windows computer but take advantage of its more advanced features.

In beta for all games using the Steam Input API


Although thanks to the compatibility with the Steam Input API all the games that support it will be compatible with the controller, the special features of the DualSense such as LED, touch panel, vibration and gyroscope will only work in titles that support them such as Death Stranding, No Man’s Sky or Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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In addition, the compatibility although already available requires the use of the Steam desktop client public beta. Valve plans to do some more testing to bring it to the entire platform very soon.

The PS5 controller is one that has received immensity of good reviews especially for its triggers with resistance that facilitate a more immersive and interactive experience. Of course, the use of those special functions will depend on the developers of each game, but with the compatibility of the Steam Input API on the table, the doors are opened for their use on PC as well.

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