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Subeimagen, image hosting system in Spanish

27 mayo, 2021

In the panorama of free image hosting services we now have Upload image, an image hosting service in Spanish that supports jpg, jpeg, png, gif and bmp formats, and whose weight does not exceed one and a half mega.

Thus, uploading our image, we will obtain the corresponding links for thumbnails and direct links for forums and websites, all for an unlimited period except, as indicated in the conditions, deletion without prior notice by the webmaster.

Even so, taking into account the conditions, we must upload our own images or have the author’s consent to upload them, without in any case being images with pornographic content.

What if it could be enabled is the option to send the information to email, since there are several links that are generated, and the possibility of deletion when we deem it necessary.

Even so, it is a direct competition to imageshack, which is widely used, so much so that it sometimes causes problems due to the excess bandwidth consumed by an image.

Thanks Mastertrax for the warning

Link | Upload image