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Swipe is a Facebook client based on the web version, with some additions

25 mayo, 2021

It is an open secret that the official Facebook application for Android is a little monster. So much so that unofficial thin clients are proliferating. Swipe is a new application that will try to convince you to uninstall Facebook.

Surely more than once you have been tempted to delete the Facebook application forever and use instead the web version. The truth is that creating a shortcut and on the home screen and allowing notifications in the browser, the experience is more than acceptable.

Swipe is something like that. Is a standalone app, although it is based on the web version of Facebook. It is still in a somewhat early stage of development, but it must be recognized that the ingenuity of its developer translates into a very apparent application.

Latest news and statuses

The latest news section of Facebook is where we generally spend the most time, incessantly scrolling between interesting articles, baby photos and inspirational images that our friends share.

In Swipe the operation is quite similar, and also its appearance. The most expert eye will be able to detect that it is really the web version of Facebook with some changes in style to hide some elements, but in general it could be said that it is well integrated into the whole.


You can check all the news in the same way as you would in the official application, adding comments, sharing or visiting links, which open in Chrome Custom Tabs. You can even use the Facebook reactions to say that something you love or make you sad.

In an earlier version, the author explained that he had planned filter ads -or promoted posts- from Facebook. This text is no longer included in Google Play so it is not clear if it has really included this function, but whether it is true or not, the truth is that after scrolling incessantly, I have not seen any ads. One point for Swipe.

An interesting addition is the floating button, which Facebook is reluctant to add to its official application. Swipe has it, and when you press it, it unfolds to allow you to check-in, upload a photo or a text update.

Here, probably the section that makes you feel worse about yourself is when creating a status update. The text box is somewhat clunky and each keystroke seems to have some delay until it appears on the screen.

Friends and notifications

Like the official Facebook client, Swipe has two other tabs for friend notifications and notifications. The tab friends Swipe is subdivided into suggestions for a half, search engine, friend requests, contacts and categories.

Here the truth is that appearance in the official client is much betterThe design is much cleaner, as the search for new friends and suggestions are hidden in the floating button, which you do have here.


Regarding the notifications, you probably don’t miss anything in Swipe. The list works similar to what you would expect. The only thing you can’t do in Swipe is a long press to hide specific notifications.


In addition to replacing the official Facebook client, Swipe also dares with Messenger. With Swipe you can also read all your chat messages and reply to themAlthough the experience is a bit rough, all is said.


The author of Swipe warns us that Facebook has plans to remove the chat from the mobile version of Facebook, on which the system is based, although it already has a plan B in place in case that happens. If you activate the Messages workaround in the application options, it will open to show you the messages.

Other interesting options

In the Swipe options section you will find several additions that you should not miss. Some of them are well known in the history of petitions to Facebook.

For example, you can protect the application with a PIN code, change the style of Facebook and the application through themes, activate or deactivate the floating button or show the latest updates first instead of the Top.

Swipe options

In short, it can be said that Swipe is a very interesting alternative for Facebook. Being based on the web version of Facebook, you make sure that you can access (almost) all the content of this social network.

While in other third-party clients that access via API they do not let you manage your Facebook ads, view your pages or consult the “A day like today”, in Swipe there really is few things that you are going to miss, beyond that a native application moves smoother.

Swipe for Facebook

Swipe for Facebook2.2.1

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