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Take a trip back in time with this site that takes you to see the most popular videos on YouTube exactly 10 years ago

27 mayo, 2021

YouTube carries almost 15 years between usIn all that time, the video platform has changed a lot, not only in appearance and operation, but also in the huge number of users it has and the visibility experienced by many of its most famous creators.

But if something has not changed on YouTube, it is the ingredients that a video usually has to go viral, and how can you check it thanks to the YouTube Decade website, we come watching and listening to almost the same kinds of videos for years.

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Every day a new list of the most popular videos a decade ago

In YouTube Decade you will find a small list with the most popular videos uploaded to YouTube exactly 10 years ago. Every 24 hours the list is updated and you have another batch of videos.

Youtube Decade

While the most popular videos in the history of YouTube have hundreds of millions of views, some on these lists do not even reach a million, temporary and forgotten viral.

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Others, on the other hand, are a bit immortal, like this one. The part that you are most likely going to “love” is that the quality of almost none tends to go above 480pWell, we are talking about a time when HD was rare and had only been supported by YouTube for a year.

If you visit YouTube Decade during 2019 you will not find any video from the post Flash era, because it was not until 2010 that YouTube began to experiment with its HTML5 player, and do not expect to find any video longer than 10 minutes, because it was not it was not until 2010 that they raised the limit to 15 minutes.

From this website you can take an interesting trip back in time, if you have been using the platform for that many years, maybe you will get a video that you saw at the time and remember those days, or maybe you are too young to remember what happened on YouTube 10 years ago years.