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Teamwork, project manager

27 mayo, 2021

To the project management tools we are joined Team work. Team work is a simple tool that will allow us, through its user environment that is quite intuitive and clear to use, project management and customer relationships.

Once we have our account, we will choose our own subdomain from a list of available domains, so that will be our access address. Once inside, so We only have to start the projects, add project milestones, tasks that can also be associated with milestones, monitoring the duration of each participant, messages, which can be classified by categories and with the possibility of being private for members of a single project, notepad and registration of the possible risks.

What’s more We have a dashboard where you can see a summary of the activities of our projects, its milestones in the next three months, which can be filtered by users, all tasks, equally filterable by users, all messages and a preview of the projects.

Yes indeed, In the upper right we have the configuration options, modification of the type of plan and user management. The bad part is that any plan we choose, even the free one, we have 30 days of trials, and continuing with the free plan, we can have two active plans at the same time and with 5 MB of space.

A pity that it is not even on a free plan after those thirty days, since the application looks good, except for having some options outside the work environment, such as access to user management for our own company. I have also not seen the option to upload files, although in theory it can.

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