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technical data sheet of characteristics and price

26 mayo, 2021

After officially presenting the Google Pixel 4a, Google has just made the Pixel 5 official. It is the company’s best mobile for 2020 and, although it is technically the successor to the Google Pixel 4, this is not a high-end proposition. Despite this, the camera is still the main pillar in this phone.

So let’s review the characteristics and technical specifications of this Google Pixel 5, a terminal that, despite not being the most powerful, comes to stand up to higher priced mobiles, and that he will try to make us fall in love, one more year, based on computational photography.

Google Pixel 5 data sheet



144.7 x 70.4 x 8.0 mm
151 g


6 inch Full HD +
Symmetrical bezels
Screen hole
90 Hz


Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G




128 GB UFS




12 MP f / 1.7
16 MP f / 2.2 Ultra wide angle


8 MP f / 2.2


Android 11


Always On Display
Rear fingerprint reader
Dual speaker


$ 699

The first mobile with symmetrical frames is a Pixel

Pixel 5 Black

It has taken years, but the Google Pixel 5 is the first Android mobile with four symmetrical bezels, without any chin. Such is the frontal use that it manages to have a height of only 14.7 centimeters with a six-inch screen diagonal. In this case, the Pixel 5 is built from recycled aluminum, rather than plastic.

The front part is thus starred by symmetry, although with a small perforation in the screen, while the rear part is somewhat simpler, with the camera module and the rear reader as the protagonists.

The Google Pixel 5 has a 6-inch panel, Full HD + resolution, and a 90 Hz refresh rate.


The Pixel 5 panel is OLED, with Full HD + resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. Its diagonal is only 6 inches, thus being one of the most compact mobiles in its price range. It has Always On Display technology.

As for its heart, we find a Snapdragon 765G, 8 GB of RAM and a 4,080mAh battery with 18W fast charging. This is the highest amperage seen in a Pixel, something that added to the OLED and “only” a 6-inch diagonal, should offer good autonomy.

Out of the box with Android 11

Android 11

As is customary in Pixels, the latest version of Android comes from the factory. The Google Pixel 5 comes out of the box with Android 11 customized by Google. This translates into greater integration with the Google Assistant, promised three years of monthly system updates and security patches.

Double chamber to reign in quadruple chamber terrain

Google Pixel 5

“Main camera, ultra wide angle camera, macro and depth sensor”. It is difficult to find a mid-range that breaks out of this pattern, but the pixel does. The Google Pixel 5 bets on the two main sensors: the classic 12 megapixel and a new 16 megapixel sensor for the wide angle. Although it does not have a telephoto lens, the zoom is in charge of the Super High Res Zoom, Google’s computational interpretation to magnify without loss.

Google gives up Motion sense in favor of design: Pixel 5 only has a front camera, integrated into a panel hole

The selfie is only 8 megapixels, although Google has shown excellent results on mobiles such as the Google Pixel 4a. As is usual, Google bets on computational photography to enhance the results of your sensors.

The Pixel 5 comes with enhancements like Night Sight in portrait mode and a mode dedicated to stabilization. For the rest, it is the same camera that we already saw in the Google Pixel 4a, so the results will be similar to last year.

Versions and price of the Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 starts at a price of $ 699. For now the mobile will not be sold in Spain, a jug of cold water for users who were waiting for this terminal.

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