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Telegram updates and improves its support for animated GIFs and bots

27 mayo, 2021

Telegram today released version 3.4 for iOS and Android, which includes very interesting news for fans of the Animated gifs and also new ways of interact with bots that the messaging app started using in June 2015.

The new version of Telegram improves the speed of sending and downloading GIFs, making it 20 times faster. It has also made their management more comfortable, including a tab for them in the stickers menu. As for bots, they can now be used from any conversation personal or group, without having to open a separate chat with them or previously add them to the group.


Regarding animated GIFs, speed optimization in this new version of Telegram has been possible thanks to the recoding of all GIFs to MPEG4 videos, which reduces the space they occupy by up to 95%, but without losing an iota of image quality. Now they download much faster, and take less time to ship.

In addition, fans of collecting them are in luck: the tab dedicated to GIFs in the stickers section it allows you to save and manage them in a very comfortable and simple way. You just have to touch and hold an animated GIF within a conversation, and you can save it directly to your collection – and send it in any other chat whenever you want from that same menu.


Telegram bots are the other protagonists of this new version. Until now, in order to interact with any of them, it was necessary to open a chat window for them, or add them to a group conversation. The novelty is that this is no longer necessary: ​​now it is possible interact with them from any chat (individual conversation, group, channel), whether or not that bot is a member of it.

In order to test this new feature, Telegram has launched new bots From which you can ask for videos, Wikipedia articles and (of course) animated GIFs, among others. To use them, just enter your nickname in the text field (for example, @vid to search for a video on YouTube, or @gif to search for an animated GIF) and then some keywords. The results will appear in the floating menu and you just have to touch the one you want to send to the conversation.


Keep in mind, yes, that these bots are different from those that existed until now. If, for example, you used the ImageBot to search for images directly from a conversation, or the PollBot to do polls, you will have to continue doing it in the “traditional” way (opening a chat to the bot or adding it to the group), at least moment.

Like the standard bots and stickers, the new “inline” bots are also a open platform, available to any developer who wants to create one and offer it to Telegram users. Documentation is available online to learn more about these bots and how they work.

With these two new functions, Telegram chats become more interactive and more fun, with new possibilities for expression and communication. Although millions of people continue to use WhatsApp …

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