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Telegram WebK and Telegram WebZ arrive with almost no limitations

26 mayo, 2021

Telegram has been making various movements for some time to continue with a growth that was already greatly boosted after the stampede of users who left WhatsApp due to its latest privacy policy. Recently, for example, we knew that it was launching an APK for Android that allowed the app do more than Google Play allows, keeping both versions active.

The last change has to do with multiplying the accesses through the browser. If we wish, we can use Telegram through any web browser without having the app installed but now We no longer have a single option for this but three. A strange decision that concludes that we now have three Telegram Web to choose from.

WebK and WebZ join Telegram Web

Stickers in Telegram WebK

Something like this already happens on other platforms, such as MacOS or Android. Telegram has different versions of its own applications, and all of them are its own. The company believes in internal competition and that is why it allows its development teams to put forward various proposals when creating and publishing applications.

What can and cannot be done on Telegram Web compared to Telegram on mobile

The same has just happened in terms of web access since Telegram has published two new services to access your service through the browser. The current Telegram Web is joined by Telegram WebZ and Telegram WebK, and they are two ‘web app’ options to access Telegram that have almost all the functionalities that are already enjoyed in the native applications for each operating system.

In order to access the new Telegram WebZ and WebK, it will be necessary to enter our telephone number and country of origin, so that the service sends us an authorization code to the app open in other systems so that we can identify and authorize the access through the browser. Once this is done, new web services are accessible with almost no limitations.

Both WebZ and WebK They also offer the possibility that we identify ourselves through a QR code. As we have said before, in both services we have practically all the functionalities of the native apps such as animated stickers, the dark mode adaptable to the browser, the organization of chats by folders and everything else. Not everything is available, however, and from Telegram they warn that some functionalities are not implemented at the moment although it is unknown what they are.

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