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Ten pages of terror to spend a night on Friday the 13th

26 mayo, 2021

The superstition about friday the 13th It has its origin, it seems, in a historical event that occurred in the fourteenth century: on October 13, 1307 there was the massive arrest of the Knights Templar by the Holy Inquisition. Many years after Sean S. Cunningham’s film, Friday the 13th (1980), brought such an important date to the fore. The film does not cause much effect now, but then it left more than one under the seat in the cinema.

Terror, defined by the RAE as very intense fear, it is a concept that has given a lot of play in literature, painting, theater and cinema. There are a good number of fans of the genre, for this reason and on such an important date, I have searched the Internet for web pages whose leitmotiv be terror. They are not particularly good from a web technology point of view, but they are curious. Most of them are full of urban legends that are hard to believe, regardless of the amount of alcohol in the blood, but hey, they are there for the curiosity of those who like to visit them. Others are more serious and offer relevant information about gender. We are going to refer to the latter in this article.

Terror on the web

  • Terror in the cinema is a portal whose name is clearly indicative of the theme it addresses. Offers movie trailers on the genre, with comments and data on each work.
  • La Madriguera is a blog about poetry, literature, cinema and other trinkets, which dedicates an article to the origins and most relevant authors of the horror literature.
  • Teatro del terror is a portal dedicated to the genre within dramatic art, with reviews of the staging of works as charismatic as Richard III (Shakespeare), or the classic of the Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel.
  • Short Horror Tales offers a collection of works with focus, and I quote verbatim, “Stories to be scared Fantastic tales of ghosts, werewolves, apparitions, houses and haunted places. Tales of zombies. Tales of haunted schools. Haunted Hospitals: Tales of Jorge Leal“.
  • Scriptors is a cultural magazine produced by the students of Grennfield College, which contains an article on the characteristics of horror literature.
  • On terror in painting and photography you have a section on the site Weaving the world, devoted to works and authors on the genre: Mark Powell, Peter Kurten and others.
  • We changed the third for a moment and abandoned the concept of personal blog to enter the presentations. Let’s see some views on Slideshare: ** Carmen Rojas has created a presentation with references on Gothic and horror literature. ** Dedicated to horror movies, there is the work of Sarahí Sandoval.
  • If you are interested in parapsychology, a reference point is the SEIP portal. There you can find in the reports section, some interesting investigations.
  • Ghosts, UFOs, apparitions and other gadgets do not fit me, sorry, but to put a note of humor, here you have a Facebook page entitled Stories, horror (only for the brave).

Remember that, who seeks to meet the Beast gets it. If you do not want to make the effort or do not have a “medium” at hand, enter the values ​​in Google Maps: 37 ° 59’55.92 “N 23 ° 28’58.27” E. You turn your head a little to the right and … Surprise! The face of The Beast, geographically speaking.

Happy night of terror, friends (gloomy and gloomy laugh).

Image | John liu