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The 11 best humor websites to start the day with a smile

22 mayo, 2021

It’s not always easy to start the day in good mood. Early mornings, traffic jams, train or subway delays, a bad gesture from someone or even bad weather can ruin our day when it has not yet fully started, and get us to see it. all black for the rest of the day.

But that’s no way to start a day, not even with the excuse that it’s Monday. A famous quote attributed to Charles Chaplin that says “A day without laughter is a day wasted”, and we should make an effort to fulfill this maxim every day. Because if you think about it, every day you have some reason to laugh. Even if it is to see a joke on the Internet.

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Precisely on the Internet you can find many elements that wake up a smile and they even make you laugh. An animated GIF sent to you by Telegram, a joke you read on Twitter, a meme on Facebook … And in addition to social networks, there are websites specifically created for collect humorous content of all kinds with whom to start the day with a smile is much easier.

  • If you know a little English, this collection of unfortunate translations It will surely make you laugh. The effort of the authors of the posters to internationalize them is appreciated, but perhaps asking a professional translator for help would have saved them the embarrassment of ending up on this website (even for fun).

  • The Today World. Considered one of the best humor pages in Spanish, El Mundo Today faithfully follows the structure of a newspaper, only that obviously all its news is false – although more than one believes them. It is one of those pages that always manages to make us smile, and turn “real” news into something much more fun. All its content is of its own creation.

  • The Oatmeal. The great classic of online humor. His comics and vignettes of sour and sarcastic humor they do not leave anyone indifferent. All content is created by hand by the site’s founder, Matthew Inman, and covers topics of all kinds, from cats to babies, to computers and languages.

  • Damn You Autocorrect. The mobile autocorrect can play so many tricks on you that it is not surprising that so many people have a mania for it. And this website has been dedicated to compiling, with the help of its users, a whole collection of hilarious fixes They have sabotaged conversations of all kinds – and they have surely had more than one discussion between couples and family members.

Windows 95
  • Fine Filipino. One of the humor websites in Spanish best known, which collects material of all kinds: videos, animated GIFs, graphic jokes, comics … touching a wide variety of topics, from politics to television. At first glance it seems a bit disorganized but the categories in the top menu allow you to navigate the content easily. Thanks to its publication rate, you will find new things with each visit.

  • Awkward Family Photos. The name of this website, “Rare Family Photos”, makes its purpose very clear. Although it is in English, the Family photos that you will find in it speak for themselves. They are the typical images that every good family keeps in a shoe box because nobody dares to show them off in a photo frame … Laughter is guaranteed!

  • 9GAG. If what you want is basically memes and animated GIFs, then your website is 9GAG, another of the humor classics In Internet. It has a system of ratings Through which users can rate the content, so that on each visit you can find different content in the featured posts. And if you consult it from the office do not worry, because it marks the NSFW content (not safe for work, “not appropriate for work”).

  • I can not believe. This is the blog of a popular online store, where you will find curious news of all kinds, some more humorous, others pulling directly to the side more geek. Its blog-like structure and longer and more elaborate texts make it different from other humor websites, but it is just as fun.

Watching kids “When I was 10 my mother asked me to watch over my brother. This is how I did it.”
  • I can has cheezeburger. This is the section specialized in animal related content from Cheezeburger, a well-known American humor website. Although it is popular primarily for its cats (of course) the truth is that you can find a wide variety of humorous, surprising or striking content starring animals of all kinds.

  • Epic Fail. It is not known what the videos of falls, accidents, crashes and all kinds of smacks that are so funny. And on this website you have a huge compilation of them, in image, video or animated GIF format. They also add a lot of new material every day, so that you will always find new “victims” of these falls to laugh at.

  • The Landing. The most veteran of the safe place who know this website, a whole online humor classic that has evolved over time. Today it is specialized above all in audio and video, with content of a humorous nature, and also rather curious or surprising things. It has a clear and organized design, very easy to navigate.

Logically it is impossible to know all the humor websites that you can find on the Internet. Therefore, if you know of any more that you want to recommend to other readers, share them in a comment. So we can all turn this article into a compilation of guaranteed laughs, perfect for when you’re down. You will no longer have an excuse not to laugh for a single day – even if it’s Monday.

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