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The 12 best online stores to buy and sell second-hand books

22 mayo, 2021

We know that many of you have gone from paper to pixels to read books, but there is always that part of people who still want the feeling who gives the role. No problem, there are still many online stores where you can find traditional books. But what if what we want is second hand books?

It is an option that is increasingly being considered. If you have taken good care of it, a second-hand book is much cheaper than a new one and we also re-use a resource that involves cutting down forests. We’ll see a list of online stores and websites where you can not only buy, but also sell used books.

House of the book

House of the book

This well-known Spanish chain of stores also has a second-hand book section posted on its website, where even recent developments stand out that can already be purchased in used book form. They also have a second-hand textbook section, perfect for back to school.



This other online store classifies second-hand books into two groups: those of before and after 1936. It also highlights books that are out of print, so it can be a good place to find that book you’ve been looking for for a while.



Relibrea acts more like a market: you put up for sale the used books that you want to get rid of and contact sellers who want to sell you their books. The only thing you have to do to start searching is to click on one of the provinces of Spain on its home page.

Second lecture

Second lecture

Another portal where users can put their used books on sale, although it is more structured as an online store. There are quite a few school or academic reference.

Sale of second-hand products at FNAC


FNAC is a reference point for finding books, and also allows customers to sell theirs from this section of its website. This alternative is more general, and you can sell many more things besides books. Members have a small discount in the commission that the store stays.



We came in collectors territory with AbeBooks, where we will find centuries-old editions of great historical works (prepare the portfolio if you want one of these) or even used books but signed by the author. A good resource for those looking for oddities.

The University Cloud

University Cloud

This store is specialized in books for college, for those who want to save on those bibles reference that our careers demand. They also let you sell used books, perfect for graduates to save shelf space and earn some extra money.



Here there are also academic books, although we can also find general categories and quite popular editions of best-sellers. It also offers to sell your college or high school books encouraging you to get back up to 65% of their original sale price.

Ambigú Books

Ambigu books

Another more general second-hand book store is Ambigú. There are very famous titles at cheap prices, so if you are looking for something very sold it may be the starting point where you can start looking for bargains. Question of seeing if the state of the books is good.



Another website where you can find popular but used books at a good price. Here, in addition, they offer special prices if you buy five or ten books. Be careful: they also have four physical stores in Madrid in case you want to see the state of the books with your own eyes.

Segundamano, Milanuncios, Wallapop and other general sale sites


These types of portals are places where you generally do not go to look for books, but you can find some things. We have the Secondhand books section or the Milanuncios section where you can browse, without going any further. There can be literally any material.



Our last stop is the most altruistic: BookMooch is a website that encourages you to be part of a community of users that send and receive used books for free. The currency of exchange are points that you earn when you send your books, thus promoting the collaborative and free consumption of used books.

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