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The 14 development podcasts in Spanish that are worth following

27 mayo, 2021

Podcasts are all the rage. For these online radio programs via subscription there is no genre or theme that resists them, not even something as visual a priori as development and programming may be. In English you have hundreds of podcasts to dive among (here they make a very clever selection) but we are going to focus on Development podcasts in Spanish that are worth following, both active and those that no longer update but are still available for our use and enjoyment. Dozens and dozens of hours of entertainment and wisdom developer in the language of Cervantes in audio format.

Those who are at the foot of the canyon

Disclaimer: I have considered that those who have issued a new chapter in 2016 are still active


It is a pity that it has been stopped for a few months because José Antonio Blanco’s podcast is frankly interesting and since 2011 he has illustrated us about various programming languages, frameworks, tools and technology in general. In addition, it always has posh guests and on the web each chapter is accompanied by a wide assortment of links.

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Digital Precepts

Chilean Sebastián Barría has been commanding since 2014 this podcast on development, design, web, SEO, digital culture, productivity and many other varied topics. Entertaining, interesting and with a fairly smooth periodicity (36 episodes in 2 years).

With own @sebastianbarria We’ve talked about the reasons that led him to start a development podcast: “Why am I a web developer and looking for podcasts in Spanish about this topic, I never found any that were constant and that dealt exclusively with this topic. I also have a web development company and I have had to explain these same topics to women many times. people who come into the office and one day I decided to put all of that into a podcast so that I could help others “.

“Originally I tried to publish once a week but I did not reach the time in the end and I had to start publishing with less consistency. In any case, I try to always continue publishing every two or three weeks so as not to lose consistency” Sebastián continues, who tells us about the theme of the blog that “I think I have talked about all the topics that I originally had in mind, but I would still like to talk about topics like responsive web and delve into other topics like usability or accessibility”.

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Let’s talk about the Web

Design, development and web culture every Monday and Thursday (enjoyed by cadence) from Mexico by Natalia and Ángel. Relaxed, pleasant and interesting. As a curiosity: it is accessible and offers on the web the transcripts of all the chapters (88 to date).

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Lumpen Nation

TDD, legacy code, mobile development, fashion papers or bitcoins are some of the topics that have been discussed in this young podcast (barely a year and 10 chapters of life). Programs quite entertaining but watch out for the duration, which does not last less than an hour and a half. They have been unemployed for a couple of months, to see if they come back strong.

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Screenshot 2016 06 29 To S 17 32 22


From Mexico, a relaxed podcast with little frequency but very good content: from in-depth frameworks and tools to talks on productivity or the professionalization of development. Sometimes the duration goes out of hand but, as we can see in the video versions of the podcast, they usually record accompanied with a few beers and that’s normal.

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Source code

Very instructive podcast of adjusted duration by Jose María Ramírez, professor of computer training cycles. From basic structures to C, Python or microservices in a very didactic way, with abundant bibliography and proposed exercises. Ideal for those who are starting.

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Made in Laravel

A more specialized podcast than those seen so far (obviously it’s about the PHP Laravel framework) but quite active and well-trained, which is why it is very useful for both technology professionals and newbies to the framework. In addition, the podcast is accompanied by a series of very interesting workshops.

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Podcast Code

From Andalusia an entertaining podcast on video game development that has been stopped for a couple of months but we hope it will return soon because it has a lot of quality. Engines, news, techniques, tips … a bit of everything in a very dynamic format.

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Fallen in combat

Screenshot 2016 06 29 To S 17 39 28

Enough of chopping

We already talked about this podcast in Genbeta Dev … and unfortunately since that time, 2014, Sebastian Hermida has not offered us new content. And it’s a shame because the 20 chapters that are still available are cinnamon sticks.

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The great classic of the javera blogosphere it was also a long-time player of development podcasts until they quit in 2013. Of course, 162 programs that you still have available to listen and download. Knowledge through a tube.

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And what about this other great classic that emerged from the mind and know-how of José M. Beas? Good themes and great guests in a podcast that was pioneering and that despite all the years that have passed (and it was not very prolific either) is still a benchmark.

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Code On The Rocks

A great idea (developers gathered around a few cups raving about the human and the divine) that unfortunately only lasted 6 chapters. Hopefully they decide to jump into the river again and record (and drink) again.

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Podcast 4 Geeky Theory Wearables Ivoox Itunes Youtube Radio Games

Geeky theory

Fewer chapters still (4 only) lasted the Geeky Theory podcast. Even so, it gave them time to talk about such disparate topics as wearables, productivity or the Apple Vs. Microsoft rivalry.

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Another South American classic that for 4 years and 3 seasons left us a good handful of podcasts. From agile to app development through NoSQL, TDD and various programming languages. A pity that since 2013 nothing has been heard from them again.

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And so far our compilation. Comments are open to include your favorites with total freedom.