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The 15 best channels you can join on Telegram

22 mayo, 2021

I acknowledge that Telegram fans we can become a little heavy counting the little wonders of this app – especially when we start to compare it with WhatsApp. But the facts are the facts, and today, although WhatsApp wins the street in number of users, Telegram offers more functions around communication via instant message.

We recently told you about the best bots for Telegram, and this time we will focus on another of its most original features: the channels. As with bots, channels have emerged since their appearance in September 2015 all types and on a wide variety of topics, and in this article we recommend some of the most useful, fun, interesting and curious.


A Telegram channel it is not a personal chat, not a bot, not a group. In fact, they could almost be compared to a Twitter profile, or even a blog. It is a platform that allows send messages to a large number of people, but unlike WhatsApp broadcast lists, such people do not need to have your number in their contacts.

Telegram channels can have an unlimited number of members, and they must have at least one administrator, who is the only one who can send messages. They may be private or public (with a URL for you to share), and the messages posted to them have a view counter. In addition, as a very practical feature, you can see all the messages published on a channel from the first day before joining it, which helps to decide if you are interested or not.

If you are curious and want to try this on Telegram channels, here you have a few to open your mouth. To open them, click on their name and a tab will open in your browser from which you can access the channel. If you have the desktop Telegram client installed, the channel will open directly in it.

Best of Aliexpress

Now that half the world is addicted to shopping in this kind of “Everything at 100” online, it is not surprising to find a Telegram channel dedicated to Aliexpress. In fact, there are several dozen, and this is just one of them. In these channels you can find a selection of items for sale on Aliexpress, along with their price, an image and a link to the page where you can buy them.


A channel destined to share trivia, funny anecdotes and interesting facts on all kinds of topics: nature, internet, history, science and more. The messages alternate format between text, image and video

GIF Channel

An element that could not be missing in this list is a GIF channel, essential as a source of material for your other Telegram chats. In it, all kinds of humorous animations are shared, which you can include in your personal collection of GIFs by right-clicking on them and selecting the “Add GIF” option.


Along with GIFs, cat images are also another internet classic. If like us you are also a fan of cats, it already takes time to sign up for this channel, which sends a few every day pictures of adorable kittens. You can’t help but say “Aaaayyyy, how cute!”.

Sticker’s Channel

To complete the list of chat basics, the following are missing. stickers. In this channel you will find a few every day, ready to become part of your collection (which you can do with a simple right click on the pack that you like the most).


Aliexpress channels are not the only ones with offers at a good price. In this channel, as its name suggests, you can find bargains on a daily basis, in various areas: technology, toys, software, clothing and accessories, household appliances and more. Of course, it is convenient to be attentive because the best offers fly …

Historygram Channel Historygram Channel


A selection with offers, discounts, sales and bargains de Compradicción, half brother of Genbeta in Weblogs SL. In the publications, the original price of the item is always indicated and more information about the product is offered (in case you don’t know if it suits your needs).

Movie Downloads

Did you know that Telegram channels are another content download platform? You will find a few like this, where you can download movies directly from the app. Of course, we recommend that you do it using the Telegram client on your computer, so as not to eat up the entire data rate (and storage capacity) of your mobile.

Full Music Albums

Just as there are movie channels, there are also channels with music, both of individual songs and of complete music albums. This is one of the last, with music of very varied genres. Again, it is best to use it from Telegram for the desktop (either on Windows or Mac).


There are no two without three, and since we have movies and series, we can complete the trio with comics, available in Spanish on this channel. The files are in CBR format, so you will need a comic reader with support for that format to be able to open them.

Phrases and sayings

Personally, I’m not very into dating, but there are those who find them very inspiring. If this is your case, you can join this channel to receive every day quotes, motivational phrases, sayings and proverbs, alternating between text and images. You can also send suggestions and contributions to the channel.


This channel is the equivalent of the History Channel from television on Telegram. In it, photos of historical events, of relevant characters in history and of everyday life in other times are shared. The description of each image comes in several languages, including Spanish.

Channel Channel

Haven’t had enough of all the above channels? Don’t worry: there is a channel channel, a kind of “Inception channel”. That is, a Telegram channel where you can find references to other channels that may interest you. Each channel includes name, description and language.


If you like the technology, the Telegram channel of Xataka, Genbeta’s older sister in Weblogs SL, selects the best of the publication, in addition to sharing videos or images that are interesting for the subject.

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