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The 15 websites with the best quotes in history

27 mayo, 2021

They put the cherry to any conversation, they add a fun touch, they are the most good to put an end to any text, they reflect situations of everyday life and, even, contain a kind of universal knowledge with which most of us will continue to agree to what throughout our life.

Yes, dating is a rhetorical device tremendously useful that reproduces a fragment of a human expression in its original construction. A formulation that reproduces a discourse repeated over the years and that we may even have adopted in our usual language. From historical quotes, to proverbs and sayings, today we collect the best websites to find them.

Quotes for geeks of science

Scientific Quotes

Newton, Einstein, and even Stephen Hawking have been responsible for memorable phrases. Yes, from those that talk about chemistry and other disciplines to others that have to do with humanitarian crises and the like. Some sayings that are worth knowing and that, usually, they do not leave indifferent.

On the other hand, we also understand scientific citations as those that have an explanation of this nature. For example, “with an empty belly, no one shows joy”, which has its reason for being in that hunger sharpens ingenuity, since the appetite hormone (or ghrelin) forces us to look for food; in fact, we stumbled upon some research like the one carried out by Jonathan Levav, who showed that judges tend to deny parole when they are hungry, and that this decision is usually the least confrontational for them.

“Do well and do not look at whom”, “time heals everything except old age and madness” are other cases, as it is evident that our life expectancy has lengthened but that it has also led to the appearance of diseases degenerative. Regarding the first question, altruism even manages to prevent stress and depression.

Scientific Appointments Ciencianet
  • Historiaybiographies: although he only comments on them briefly, it is worth knowing, since his selection is quite successful. It also has the ability to add comments. It lacks a seeker or similar.

  • CienciaNet: consists of a page that will delight the most curious, as it not only has numerous quotes from famous scientists, but also with experiments, anecdotes, references, connections between great thinkers and others. Unfortunately, its design and structure leave something to be desired.

  • Fuentesdeciencia’s blog: although it is, as its name indicates, a blog of a professor of the subject Sciences for the Contemporary World, this website is a good source of ideas, as it has a pulled apart specific for lovers of this world.

Dating for the more traditional


Likewise, we cannot ignore sayings and proverbs, an authentic art of popular culture that is sure to delight the most traditional. Yes, and although we cannot avoid that rough air (and even certainly macho, the result of antiquity and the social change that has occurred over the years), they are not only curious but also extremely funny. Here are the best websites to find them:

  • Spanish proverb: with a Interface Totally awful (we can’t help but comment on it), yet the usefulness of this site is undeniable. Especially because it has from explanations about the concept of the saying itself, to specific sections depending on the theme and object of the sentence. To give you an idea, it is organized into categories such as sailor sayings, sayings about people, crazy sayings, children’s sayings and a long etcetera that you can already guess.

  • CVC. Multilingual proverb: the Cervantes Virtual Center He is also part of a project that collects popular Spanish paremias, mainly proverbial sayings and phrases and their correspondence in various languages. Among them are Catalan, Galician, Basque, French, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, ancient Greek, modern Greek and Italian. It is arranged alphabetically and integrates a search engine.

Cervantes quotes
  • El Arcón de Totana: this is a specialized portal that not only collects the sayings of the most popular Spanish proverb, but also comments on them with comprehensiveness beyond a simple explanation. Something very useful not only for those who are learning our language, but for anyone who wants to know the origin of many of them. It even has a specific section for references to bread and the like. Unfortunately, and in our humble opinion, it has a notable downside: the lack of content structuring.

  • Refranario: focused, mainly on the field educational, here you will find from the basic meaning of each proverb, to how to use it. It includes examples, variants, translations into other languages, synonyms and equivalences and a long etcetera that will surprise you. In addition, it has a specific search engine that is very helpful.

Dating for the most cinephiles

Cinema Dating

To continue, some actors, filmmakers and screenwriters have also been responsible for famous quotes. A context in which characters as different as Woddy Allen, Elisabeht Taylor, Charles Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, among many others, surely come to mind. If you want to find out what his appointments have been the most famous do not hesitate to consult the following sites:

  • Mundifrases: although you will not find only cinematographic “rants”, their selection is remarkable and gives us the opportunity to filter by subject. In addition, it has a search box and allows us to sort the results according to various parameters. It comes with a character photo located to the left of each sentence.

  • Wikiquote: the same thing happens with this page. Yes, because the “free collection of famous quotes and phrases”Integrates a specific section structured by authors who have something to do with the seventh art.

  • Quo: yes, although it is not a specific dating website, the truth is that this magazine is characterized by compiling, depending on the theme of its issue, a series of phrases of all kinds of characters, especially contemporaries. Those of this world are not spared.

  • Quotes and proverbs: also a generalist, it focuses on popular sayings and even compliments. In any case, his collection of cinematographic phrases is not bad at all. In it we come across some of the best occurrences from Hitchcock, Groucho March and other lesser-known film directors like Jean Luc Goddard.

Quotes for literature lovers

Literary Quotes

Here they have room from great literati like Charles Dickens and cursed poets like Baudelaire (tormented minds are a great source, it must be said), even greatest hits authors like Stephen King; characters that, by themselves – and their lives or writings – arouse the curiosity of anyone. We are left with:

  • Phrases and thoughts: despite not being a specific website, the truth is that your list of literature phrases has nothing to envy other websites. You also have the option to search by sentence or author, and has related tags, very useful; as well as with different definitions.

  • Proverb: one of our favoritesIt even manages to organize the content in sections such as libraries, writers, books, complete works, quotes, reading, novels, poetry and much more. And it is not the only discipline it covers.

  • Workbooks: specific to this world, Workbooks is very easy to use. In it you will come across the best aphorisms and references from writers like Borges, Octavio Paz, Umberto Eco and more.

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