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The 17 fake news we have helped spread the most on the internet in 2014

26 mayo, 2021

Many stories are shared on the Internet that are simply not true. Some do it because they are bored. Others, because they just don’t check before posting. Or, simply, there are some who want to deceive and generate controversy. To such an extent we see fake news every day that there are websites that are dedicated to keeping track of them and we have our own section: Fake Hunters. Then we leave you some of the most shared fake stories of 2014.

  • The yellow WhatsApp image: this was one of the first fakes of 2014 and it spread very quickly … But no, the yellow WhatsApp image cannot transmit a virus to your phone. Neither before nor now.
  • Highway panels: although we have already seen cases of modified highway panels, none of them had the text (much less the photo) of Jordi Pujol.
Photo Tre Boobs Fake

FALSE: The woman with the three breasts

  • The woman with three breasts: one of the most talked about stories of the year … but also one of the most false. No, the girl didn’t actually have three breasts but she did have a prosthesis (?) Of them that she used when she felt like it. To make matters worse, he used a false name.
  • The fake of the fake of the new iPhone 6: contrary to what some media published, there is no evidence that people really put their new iPhone 6 in the microwave for a fast charge. A fake based on a fake.
  • The false arrest of Banksy: the news originated in a satirical newspaper and, months later, it reached other “serious” media on the Internet. But no, Banksy has not been arrested and his real identity is not known.
  • Dogs that go to Heaven … or not: a few days ago it began to be rumored that the Pope even said that dogs also went to Heaven, like any other creature of God. The problem? That Pope Francis never made such statements.
Os Wolf Sochi Hotel 20140220

FALSE: Many of the images with “fails” that arrived from Sochi were false

650 1000 Scrollbar

FALSE: There was no scroll bar: the scroll was automatic

  • The false scroll bar: when Germany thrashed Brazil in the last World Cup, many laughed at how the scoreboard was not prepared for such a “beating” and even showed a Windows scroll bar. But no, it never appeared in the images, it was a very timely “photoshop”.
  • The sniper and the Syrian boy: the clip went around the world, but it was not real: everything was recorded in a film studio in order to raise awareness of the Syrian conflict, or so its director said.
  • The 6 days of darkness … that NASA denied: would you believe a news story that says that in December there will be six days of complete darkness? Probably not, but it went around the world and even a NASA engineer came out to deny it.
  • The Boy Who Became a Millionaire: A 17-year-old stock market prodigy who has made more than $ 72 million and is featured in New York Magazine. The problem? That at no time, according to him, has he gained this figure in reality, but in “simulated” operations with his friends.
Syrian Refugee 013

FALSE: the boy was not alone in the desert, but was part of a large group of refugees

  • The Boy Who Was Traveling Alone in the Desert: The image was tweeted by a CNN journalist saying that it was a Syrian boy wandering in the desert. In reality, and as it became known later, the boy was part of a large group of refugees in which his family was also traveling. Simply, in that shot, the rest are left out of the picture.
  • Sergio Ramos and the ESO: although it made the sports front pages, its origin was already a few months old (since February) and the only source was a satirical sports newspaper. All of them, of course, without citing the source.
  • Microsoft’s patrol robots: Although the Knightscope robots did walk around the Microsoft campus during an event day, it was just a test run. Microsoft, contrary to what some online media said, does not employ robotic security guards nor is it a Knightscope customer.

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