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The 20 most downloaded Android apps and games in the world in the second quarter of 2019, according to Sensor Tower

25 mayo, 2021

There are currently 2,730,292 applications on Google Play, according to AppBrain, but not all have the same download volume. Some of them (surely you can guess some) are much more popular than others, and that is evidenced in the latest data from Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower is a consulting firm specialized in analysis of downloads and income generated in application stores. Taking advantage of the fact that the second quarter of 2019 has just ended, the company has published a series of reports with the figures of the most downloaded applications and games, as well as the countries that have downloaded the most apps for the first time.

The most downloaded applications on Android


The data provided by Sensor Tower show downloads made for the first time. What does this mean? We are talking about users who download an app that they have never downloaded before.

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Having said that, the application with the most downloads has been WhatsApp. Only she has accumulated more than 160 million downloads globally. It is closely followed by Facebook Messenger with almost 160 million downloads and Facebook, with about 150 million. In short, Facebook is the leading company in downloads, although there is a rival that is approaching from the right and that has not been short: TikTok, with almost 130 million downloads. Instagram ranks fourth with almost 80 million downloads.

Facebook’s almost indisputable dominance in the field of Android applications is clear

Below Instagram we have SHAREit, an app to share files through WiFi Direct, which has achieved a similar figure, very similar, to that of Instagram. They are followed by Likee (a kind of TikTok that has grown a lot in India), Snapchat and Hotstar, Netflix’s main competitor in India.

The bottom of the list is made up of UC Browser, HAGO, YouTube Music, YouTube, Spotify, MX Player, VMate, Helo (from Bytedance, the company that owns TikTok), Picsart, Netflix and Truecaller. In total, the top applications add up 1,180 million new downloads only in the second quarter of 2019.

The most downloaded games on Android

Top Games Ww Google Play Q2 2019 Blog

As for the games, it seems that the casual genre gains strength. The top most downloaded games are mainly made up of titles that offer fast and uncomplicated games. In case there was any doubt, none of the most downloaded games is free, which shows the imposition of the model freemium (free games with micropayments or advertising).

The best Android games of 2019 ... so far

The top is ‘Stack Ball’ with almost 85 million downloads. Well below is ‘Run Race 3D’, with more than 70 million, and ‘Garena Free Fire’, with 70 million. The success of ‘Garena Free Fire’ is indisputable if we compare it with ‘PUBG Mobile’, which remains in the central area of ​​the graph with 40 million downloads.

In fourth position we have ‘Subway Surfers’, an old acquaintance that continues to attract users and has accumulated more than 50 million new downloads. They are followed by ‘Tiles Hop’, ‘Crowd City’, ‘House Paint’ and ‘PUBG Mobile’. As we said before, casual and free games have conquered the hearts of Android users.

The freemium model and casual games have been imposed on Google Play

The bottom part is left to ‘Bottle Flip 3D’, ‘Clean Road’, ‘My Talking Tom 2’ (another old school game), ‘Traffic Run’, ‘Homescapes’,’ Happy Glass’, ‘Temple Run 2 ‘(with many years behind him),’ KTB: Forever ‘and, finally,’ Candy Crush ‘. This, despite only having 29 million downloads, is still one of the most profitable games today. Total, all games add more than 760 million first downloads.

The countries that downloaded the most apps and games

Top Countries Google Play Q2 2019

We finish talking about countries, since Sensor Tower has published which have been those that have downloaded the most applications for the first time (beware of this nuance). India takes the cake with 5.2 billion downloads, the vast majority from Android. Brazil follows, with 1,890 million downloads; Indonesia, with 1.49 billion downloads; The United States, which is the only country that has downloaded fewer applications than last year and still has 1.29 billion downloads; and Russia, with 988 million.

What does this data show? What emerging countries are a key market not just for smartphones, but for developers. That countries such as India, Brazil or Indonesia have downloaded 19.8%, 17.8% and 22% more applications than last year, respectively, is proof that the immediate future of the industry lies in these markets.

Via | Sensor Tower