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The 20 worst places to live in Massachusetts – salaguamotors

3 julio, 2021

If you plan to move to the state of Massachusetts to start a new job and put down roots, it is important to start thinking about the best places to settle. If you have a family with children, public schools are a concern. Everyone needs a safe place to live, so this means that crime rates are also considerations. We all want to live in the best possible environment where we can grow and prosper, but some cities are better than others. We’ve ranked our list of the 20 worst places to live in Massachusetts based on overall quality of life and set the criteria for crime rates, significant job prospects, public education, home values, and affordability. These are the cities you’ll probably want to avoid because each has a measly livability score for one or more of the reasons listed above.

Worcester, Mass.

20. Worcester, Mass.

Singhlaw4u cites Worcester as one of the most dangerous cities in the state of Massachusetts. They provide the data for the 20th worst place to live along with several others to avoid. Worcester is the second largest city in New England. Although it is known as the heart of the commonwealth, it ranks 12th for property crimes and 11th for violent crimes. The city has its positives, like many amenities, but it’s not safe to walk the streets after dark, so why would you want to live there?

Brockton, Mass.

19. Brockton, Mass.

Brockton is located in eastern Massachusetts. Brockton is ranked 17th highest for property crimes, but is fourth worst when it comes to violent crime. It is terrible to suffer a loss due to theft, but things can be replaced and people cannot. Brockton is not an ideal choice for raising a family with young children. Brockton has its pros and cons. While it’s not the worst city in the state, it’s definitely in the top 20 rankings.

West Springfield, Massachusetts

18. West Springfield, Mass.

West Springfield is in a beautiful area west of the Connecticut River. While West Springfield’s violent crime rate ranks 19th worst, this city ranks second for property crime. The chances of becoming the victim of a robbery or robbery are considerable. it has earned a spot as our 18th worst city due to the rampant theft that is reported annually.

Holyoke, Mass.

17. Holyoke, Mass.

Holyoke is located in the western part of the state, near the Springfield metropolitan area. The property crime rate has increased ten percent in a two-year period. Violent crime has increased by four percent. Holyoke is on a bad track and is no longer a safe place to live. It is ranked as the second most dangerous for violent crimes and the first for property crimes.

New Bedford, Massachusetts.

16. New Bedford, Mass.

New Bedford is a seaside town full of recreational activities and other amenities. Although there are some good reasons for wanting to live in this city, there are a few reasons why you may want to avoid it. The city ranks fifth for property crimes and fifth for violent crimes. Although a five percent decrease in violent crime has been seen, it is still too high for comfort. New Bedford is one of the largest cities in the South Shore region, but it’s not safe to walk the streets alone at night. If you cannot enjoy life in one place without worrying about the dangers, it is not a good place to live.

Pittsfield, Mass.

15. Pittsfield, Mass.

Pittsfield is a city ranked the fifth worst in the state for violent crime. It ranks 6th for crimes against property. As if these statistics weren’t bad enough, it is compounded by a negative job growth rate. Pittsfield is a city in decline and it is not a place to try to start a new life.

Boston, Mass.

14. Boston, Mass.

Boston is one of the most popular cities in the state for tourism, affectionately known as Bean Town. It is packed with fascinating historical sites and some amazing places to dine. There are three reasons why Boston is number fourteen on our list of the worst cities in the state. Singhlaw notes that it is ranked 14th for property crimes committed and 15th for property crimes. It is also one of the poorest cities in the state with high rates of poverty. There are much better cities in Massachusetts to start over.

Lynn, Mass

13. Lynn, Mass

Only in Your State lists Lynn as one of the most dangerous cities in the state to live in. The city’s population is 91,846. It’s a pretty big city with a …

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