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The 28 most extraordinarily rare things that have been put up for sale on Wallapop

26 mayo, 2021

While we are all aware of the amount of geek that we can find on the Internet, the truth is that, sometimes, it is impossible not to be surprised by certain proposals, messages and others. A context in which, although forums and specific websites had hitherto occupied the top 10 oddities on the Internet, now there is a booming application: Wallapop.

Yes, because it seems that the tool has a dark side, a B-side that not a few users have been in charge of discovering and whose niceties we gather below. And hold on, because the list is not only not short but she sneaks in from blankets, gloves made of bread, even wildly absurd conversations. Ready to discover them?

The oddities of Wallapop

In this way, it seems that the tool that was born from the hand of Miguel Vicente, the also founder of Letsbonus, is giving a lot to talk about. And not only because of their growth, which since its creation four years ago has skyrocketed to make them worthy of the 2015 eCommerce award; but also by the amount of curiosities that we find in its service. We are left with:

Bread gloves

Advertised on television, it is a product that we still cannot understand how it has lured a buyer – yes, even if it is one of those who return from revelry and turn on the telemarketer. The reason? Which, as its name suggests, is about gloves made of bread, designed to eat them while you prepare a sandwich and whet your appetite. Now, will it get tough? Will the shipment hold? No comment.

Original twistter


Surely if you are a few years old you will remember the original Twistter, a popular “board” game and team skill based on a carpet with colored circles. A patina that had to be placed on and that was a true social phenomenon. Even Britney Spears went on to release its own version in 2012.



The flagship product that many viewers seem to have caught with has a special presence on Wallapop. Yes, because despite the warmth that the blanket seems to give, it is not a very comfortable accessory, but it could cause mobility problems, stumbles and, ultimately, that you fall on your face. Of course, very warm.

Air Force Nike


The “authentic and original”, nothing worn. In addition, they are not the only “old” shoes that are sold in the height of the retro. Obviously, not all are in the same condition, but if you like “worn” fashion … there you.

A home gym


If you are one of the daring ones who decided to start the new year by buying the entire machinery of a gym to exercise at home and you have failed miserably in the purpose of getting in shape; don’t worry, you can sell the gadgets on Wallapop. You can even say that it is brand new. Either you would miss the truth too much, everything is said in passing.

A curl of Chewbaka


Yes, the one from Star Wars. Will it be authentic? What movie? Did the real Chewbaka exist? In any case, there is a lock of hair of the character that Peter Mayhew exalted and that delighted not a few lovers of the saga.



Apart from those mentioned, a few weeks ago we learned of the existence of Wallapuff, a portal whose origins we found in 2012, when a Forobeta user called Pandragon –and who is also behind sites like Mundo Andorra and unachef- but which has been during the last weeks and as a result of the success of the platform from which it is nourished, when it has jumped to the news.

The web, precisely, collects all the rarities that have been put up for sale in the application and structures them in different categories: job offers and searches, star Wallapuffs, Erotic-Festive, Geeks, Kicks to the RAE, Fifth sales, Scams, Tricks, Bizarre, and Private Chats; each of which responds perfectly to the promise of its name. The best part is that the page not only captures conversations and announcements, but comments on them with humor. We highlight:

A dryer


The machine is faulty and repaired with zeal. It is sold for “only” 40 euros, but the description is the one that is really priceless: “it works and dry but the door is broken. I put zeal on it and it works.” Geez with zeal. But, does it have to be in colors and drawings like the one in the photo? How many strips is enough? What length and thickness?

“Transgressive works”

Construction site

While many will be repelled by it, one servant is convinced that some modern art museums could host this kind of work in no time. The supposed art in question has been called “Rape” and is made up of a thong and an antique frame. With a pair and see if it sneaks. The worst thing would be that the “artist“He would have taken it seriously. But we doubt it.

Magic pocket


The one with the popular cosmic Cat and blue Doraemon, yes, the Japanese cartoon series. If you are one of those who pulls your hair with her, surely you like the ad: “I am selling a magic pocket of a fucking blue cat that has my house full of junk and that suspiciously spends too much time with my son. The very cunt of ordering and cleaning things, as soon as someone buys it for me, I will tear it off without anesthesia. Do you know who the seller is? Nobita’s mother.

Pizza slices


No, it is not one of the many companies that have decided to use Wallapop to publicize their products, or a pizzeria, but a group of buddies who decided to sell the pizza slices left over from dinner. With its seal of quality, of course.

Funeral urn


For 75 euros, will it include ashes? What ghoulish advertisement is this? Seriously, what happened, have they had enough of passing the dust? The description only says “precious”, will my grandfather’s ashes fit? What dimensions does it have? What is it made of? In the end, for tastes the colors.

9 grams of chocolate Nestle


For 35 euros you can already guess what type of chocolate it is. He wraps it in plastic wrap and it stays so hot. The user leaves no room for doubt; in other words, with this “tablet” you will not only be able to “see” the Nestlé factory, but even Willy Wonka’s. It must have been sold, because we can’t find it at Wallapop anymore, but we kept the Wallapuff sample. Long live the sweet!

An ear bracelet


Of counts pearly and a pastel pink shade … the truth is that this bracelet has nothing extraordinary. However, its “alternative” utility, to which its owner happily appeals under the addition of “ear”, makes it something different. How could it be otherwise, it comes with its corresponding description: “I am selling a pink ear bracelet because I am tired of wearing it. Because of my weight, I am starting to get down, on one side I look like a hare and on the other a rabbit dwarf”.

A bullet


Yes, you read that correctly: bullets are also sold on the platform. The funny thing about it, however, is that it must be extremely rare, as it is about “valas”, no more, no less. Of course, they are bulging and deformed so that it gives a rustic touch (and brave, because they are used) on the wall on which you are going to hang it. Either that, or how to sell the garbage that you find in the field. The writing, by the way, magnificent “has been postponed but beautiful.”

Someone who “fucks you shit”


Yes, the comments on a network can be very varied, especially if they have to do with evaluating the exchange. However, on certain occasions there are messages that are sure to delight certain groups and stakeholders: “fuck you shit“There is no loss, but has the seller written it? Is it a new technique to catch chub?

Rajoy’s glasses

Rajoy glasses

They could not miss the nods to politics, illustrated in this case: the sale of Rajoy’s glasses that supposedly appeared in A Coruña. Its price is affordable (although they are broken, yes) and we do not know if they ended up there after the last slap they received from a teenager or the time their helicopter crashed.

“This that I found”


So reads the title of this supposed article. We do not know what it is either, although suggestions are accepted. “I suppose it will be a kind of Moroccan tea, but it smells very strong and my cats want to eat it, it is sticky and I sell it because I am not interested”, the seller mused. This is marketing techniques and everything else is bullshit. In any case, it looks like mint for cats or catnip. The man does not look very dressed.



Nothing like the exchange of “drugs” online, is it expired? Could it be from someone who works in a hospital and has robbed the ER batch? Of course, it gives food for thought. We transcribe the approach, which has no loss: “Now that these marked dates are approaching, it is essential to have this pharmacological product in the home pharmacy. Because you never know what your brother-in-law or your mother-in-law“.



The best thing about this ad is that it makes fun of those who upload damaged, old or non-working products to the platform. And he does it from the hand of a supposed snowman who presents melted and in a bucket where his carrot nose floats. “You need a little repair but they are all the pieces “, the user comments.

Some “calsonsillos”


From Pierre Cardenal, neither more nor less. In its “dunchi” box. They cost you four dollars at the flea market but you don’t want to give them away to any charity. This is called taking advantage of money. Anyway, we hope they don’t have spankings.

Mind-blowing postmortem photos


The macabre could not be missing. Over a hundred years old and for the “modest figure” of a thousand euros for the wing. Certainly an inexpensive amount if we take into account that it lacks negative energies. “Correct state with some cracks. Seer has told me that a child in peace and that the photo does not contain energy.” Come on, sure. And wait, are these photos of the dead and unearthed? Of souls? Of people who have died of old age? Above, unspecified.

Edible massage cream

Edible Massage Cream

And if you use it with the advertiser, it makes you an offer of 21.95 euros; Although it seems that there are not many interested parties – some of them tell him to find a whore. It will be for the taste.

“Tubarro” for car

Screenshot 2016 04 04 At 14 31 42

An exhaust pipe from the hand of a real pimp who wore it in a Clío. “Peta la ostia”, he assures us very proud of his work on noise pollution.

Dragon Balls

Screenshot 2016 04 04 At 14 30 01

Magical, magical. To ask for all kinds of wishes by spending a thousand euros. From the moment you play the pool until your girlfriend comes back with you. Gosh what altruistic wishes. They come without an instruction manual, but how you will have to go to pick them up, don’t worry, because you can ask.

Tinausaur Rex Detector

Screenshot 2016 04 04 At 14 27 55

“A precision instrument capable of detecting when a Tyrannosaurus Rex is approaching”. Do you know what it is? A glass half full of water that, presumably, would shake …