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The 5 best Android equalizers

25 mayo, 2021

One of the most frequent uses that we give to our mobiles is as music player. Having our favorite songs on the smartphone has the main advantage that we can listen to them at any time and place, whether we have coverage or not, with or without internet activated.

In order to enjoy music with our smartphone, we will need a good player, good headphones and a moment of boredom. Not all terminals have a player that includes a equalizer to help us configure the sound of the music to our liking.

And what do you need an equalizer for?

Depending on the musical taste you have, you will want to listen in the best possible way to your favorite music, and not all smartphones are factory-ready to deliver sound quality that lives up to your expectations. Even in those cases, you may want a specific sound setting.

The latest high-end models, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, natively bring an option that is configured using your own ear, so that it would reproduce the sound according to what you have configured (more treble, more bass, etc.) . Still, that doesn’t mean that music will miraculously sound the way you want it to.

The mobile cannot guess if you prefer to hear more powerful bass, or prefer to highlight the vocal part of a song, or if you want other instruments to stand out. That is what equalizers are for, but since there are terminals that do not include it, Google Play has a large number of them.

In some cases, applications of Google play, because you require more specific characteristics. But for you, who are a nonconformist in life, there is also something if you are one of the adventurers who have rooted their terminal.



I think I’m not skating too much if I say that Poweramp is the most popular application for those who want to listen to music, and want it to sound good. It is mainly a music player that includes a 10-band equalizer for you to configure the sound with surgeon precision.

In addition to the equalizer, it has a screen for you to configure other aspects of the sound, such as balance, volume or stereo sound. With Poweramp you can have everything you could ask for when listening to music if your phone is not rooted. You can download it free or buy it for € 3.99.

Download on Google Play

Music Equalizer


A simple application like few others, Music Equalizer it is both a music player and an equalizer. In the icon at the top left of the window you can switch between music player and equalizer mode. Its equalizer is 5 bands and below you will find two wheels to configure the details more to your liking.

Although it seems that the equalizer, being 5 bands, is not as configurable as Poweramp’s, you have a list of predefined modes so that you can choose the one that best suits your taste and, if you prefer, you can modify the details from of that configuration. The app is free with in-app advertising (at the bottom)

Download on Google Play

PlayerPro Music Player


PlayerPro Music Player an app with a 4.6 star rating on Google Play, so it is assumed that you will not be disappointed. It is a fairly complete music player that has, of course, an equalizer to adapt the music you are listening to to your listening tastes.

Its equalizer is, as in Music Equalizer, of 5 bands, but it has a greater number of predefined modes, two wheels at the bottom to control the bass and the virtualizer and a menu to choose a sound effect that can emulate a type of stay (from small room to large living room).

You can only use the free version for 15 days, after which, if you want to continue using it, you will have to go to checkout and pay € 3.95. Besides, you can also download several skins to customize the application to your liking. This trial can annoy more than one, but if you think it’s worth it, those € 3.95 will be worth it.

Download trial version on Google Play Download full version on Google Play

Viper4Android FX (root)


If you are knowledgeable about root world, It is possible that this application does not even need a presentation, but for those who do not know it, it is a fairly complete sound configuration center for our mobile. You can configure the sound separately for the speaker, headphones, Bluetooth devices, and USB devices.

As for its equalizer, we find one with 10 bands, and to further improve the possibility of sound customization, it has a legion of additional options that you can try for quite a few minutes. And since it does not lack anything, you can also choose one of the many predefined modes it has.

To enjoy Viper4Android FXJust install it as a normal app, enable root permissions and that’s it. However, as a requirement it will ask you to have installed Busybox, so it should be downloaded, installed and run before anything else. Below we leave you both links.

Download Busybox on Google Play Download Viper4Android FX by Viper’s Audio

AudioFX (root)


It is neither more nor less than the equalizer that is installed by default in the ROM’s of CyanogenMod. As with Viper4Android FX, you can configure the different sound parameters of the speaker, headphones or external devices (both Bluetooth and USB). At the beginning it is seen that, as can be expected from CM, it is very simple.

The equalizer is 5 bands that it brings, of course, it brings a series of predefined modes, but it also has two wheels at the bottom to control the bass reinforcement and surround sound. Lastly, the lower band is meant to control the reverb you want it to have, and the effect is noticeable.

The application is not available on Google Play, but you can download it from this Google Drive link. It is a normal apk, you will not have to flash or anything, just install and enjoy the configuration.

It is possible that you have other preferences in terms of equalizers or want to try some of the ones exposed here. In any case, with any of them you can enjoy a little more if possible of your favorite music.

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