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the Android game based on the new movie ‘The Rock’

26 mayo, 2021

Jumanji is a 1995 film starring Robin Williams that conquered an entire generation with its combination of wild trials, animals, and puzzles. An adventure through a board game. Now the new one hits theaters Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, a sequel with the same idea but starring ‘The Rock’ and where instead of a board game, we have a computer game. An adaptation of the times we live in.

As is often the case when a new movie is presented, an Android game is also presented. Here we bring you Jumanji: The Mobile Game, a title that suits him perfectly since it is precisely about imitating the protagonists of the film. Of course, we will not move to any parallel dimension.

Jumanji, a game with the same philosophy as the new movie


In the Android game we can choose our favorite character from the movie, from Dr. Bravestone, Professor Oberon, Ruby Roundhouse or Moose Finbar. It is a game that mix card battles with a strategy board.

Within Jumanji the objective is to defeat the curse, for this we will fight against other players in PvP mode or directly against the machine. With each movement we will roll two dice and we will move to earn coins, build buildings and get new cards that can range from animals, strange artifacts and other abilities.

As usual, it is about building your own deck, with 40 different cards and thousands of combinations. To each small update, stages are added that increase the combinations. Being a PvP game we can create clanes and participate in rankings that will establish who is the most powerful Jumanji player and therefore the king of the jungle.

Jumanji 3 Android

Jumanji: The Mobile Game is completely free, although it has integrated purchases. Is also available in spanish so menus, skills, and stories won’t be a problem.

If you have a win from seeing the movie it can be a good preview and if you have already seen it, you will surely enjoy the amount of detail that the creators of the game have introduced.

JUMANJI: The Mobile Game

JUMANJI: The Mobile Game1.1.1

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