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the app for 3D creation launches its last major update of the year and is loaded with news

27 mayo, 2021

In August 2019 Blender released what would be its biggest update in a decade. With version 2.8 they marked a before and after in its development, making it much more accessible and easy to use, and integrating a modern 3D viewer and a whole new rendering engine.

During all of 2020 in Blender they have not stopped working, and this time they have just released version 2.91, their fourth major release of 2020 and the last update of this year, one that includes more user experience improvements and a handful of important new features.

Free, open source and cross-platform 3D modeling

Some of the new highlights include the addition of new Booleans, best fabric sculpture with collision support for both brush and filter; the new Sculpt Trim tool that allows you to cut and even add geometry using box or lasso gestures.

Lunacy is an excellent graphics editor for Windows that is easy to use, free and with many built-in design resources.

There are also new quick sculpting gestures designed to speed up workflows; support for custom curve bezels, improved animation tools, and the ability to convert volume objects to mesh (and vice versa).

Blender 2 91

Another outstanding novelty is “Property Search“, the new search function that allows you to use CTRL + F and start typing and find results highlighted in blue. This search is proof of typos and it is able to find even addons.

You can see the huge list of complete news on the launch website from where you can download Blender. Or, you can watch the video above with all the changes summarized in five minutes.