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the application begins to warn of the speed controls

22 mayo, 2021

One of the most anticipated features of Google maps It seems that it has already begun to reach some users and in some regions of the planet. We talk about the speed cameras.

Already last November we saw how Google Maps was testing the sending of accident and radar alerts. Well, the application has already started to warn of the speed controls.

Google Maps for Android already allows you to chat with businesses, its 'Messages' section is here


Speed ​​cameras

Google Maps Speed ​​Camera

As we said, only very few users have this new feature activated, so it seems that it is still in their Test phase. It is also unknown in which areas the radars will be activated. We assume that it will depend on the laws of each country. For example, in Spain it is not illegal to warn of fixed radars.

Google Maps looks like it will inherit the speed camera warning from the Waze app that you bought more than five years ago. It will be the users who warn that there is a speed camera.

Google Maps will visually display speed cameras with an icon on your map. By touching the radar icon we will see the update date of the notice. If we are using the navigation mode, Google Maps will will notify by voice the presence of a radar, in case we have to slow down the car.

We will be pending the deployment of this important feature on Google Maps, to see if the company will soon give official information about the launch of the radars.

Google maps

Google maps

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