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The barrage of positive Super Mario Odyssey reviews has broken Metacritic

27 mayo, 2021

Super mario odyssey It officially goes on sale this October 27, and a few hours after the embargo on reviews in the different media was broken, the Nintendo video game is receiving not only positive notes, but also masterpiece titles and a bit of magic.

As is customary, Metacritic, the popular website that collects the notes of both the main video game specialists and users, begins to draw up the accounts and show their metascore, but there are so many interested in knowing the verdict on Mario, that the web is experiencing loading problems.

Being one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch, if not the most anticipated, it is clear that it generates an unusual interest, and several users have found that cannot access the Metacritic website.

Super Mario Odyssey For Switch Reviews Metacritic Google Chrome 2017 10 26 17 07 27

If you can not access, we tell you that at the moment 62 reviews of Super Mario Odyssey have been added and the game has so far a score of 97 points, the same as The Legned of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It remains to wait a few days to see if it ends up exceeding the note.

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