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The best applications to customize Windows 10

24 mayo, 2021

Customization or deskmod is something we have a lot of flexibility with in Windows. Depending on how much we want modify our desktop, icons, windows, and other elements of the system, we can use a couple of simple tools, or spend hours and even days changing even the smallest detail.

If you are one of those who wants give a little more personality to your desktop Beyond using the perfect wallpaper, these tools can help you achieve it, and they are also quite easy to use.

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The UltraUXThemePatcher is, as the name would suggest, a patch. What it does is modify some system files to allow us install third-party themes on Windows 10.

The process is very simple, you can read the steps in detail in this link, and if you want to know where to download themes for Windows 10, you can take a look at our recommendations, or jump right into sites like DeviantArt.

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Rainmeter is a classic of Windows customization. Beyond being a series of widgets to monitor the system It has become a suite of elements that we can add to the desktop to give it a complete twist.

You can read our guide on how to install and configure Rainmeter, and some of our recommendations for themes and skins within the infinity of options available.

Classic Shell

Classic Shell

Classic Shell is a very powerful tool that allows you to customize multiple Windows elements. Although many people use it primarily for modify the start menu and give it a classic look, it offers much more than that.

With Classic Shell you can modify windows explorer eliminating or customizing the elements of its interface, the same with the button and start menu to which you can add themes or customize in detail.



TranslucentTB is a free application for Windows 10 that can be used to colorize or make the taskbar transparent. But beyond that it also leaves you choose effects and colors that vary according to the state of the desktopEither you open the start menu, or activate Cortana, or open the Timeline. TranslucentTB changes your usual taskbar for a dynamic one.

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TaskbarX is also a taskbar app, specifically to center the bar icons automatically, though offers other customization options also how to make the bar transparent. TaskbarX used to be free but now costs you a “whopping” sum of 1 euro.



With something like WinDynamicDesktop we can bring dynamic backgrounds like those of macOS to the Windows 10 desktop. That is, the wallpapers that change according to the time of day. The app is free and available in the Microsoft store.



Curtains is a new Stardock application that can be used to change the theme of Windows 10 in a couple of clicks. It is much easier to use than having to install UltraUXThemPatcher, search for themes, download them, and install them in the correct folders. But it has a price, 30 days free and then a single payment of 11.99 euros.