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The best applications to watch YouTube on your mobile that are not the official application

22 mayo, 2021

If you are not convinced by the official YouTube application for Android, you will always have the alternative apps. With them you can do the same: watch YouTube videos on your mobile, sometimes with some extra functions that are either not in the official application or are limited to YouTube Premium subscribers.

They are in most cases unofficial YouTube apps, useful if you do not like the YouTube application but you do want to continue accessing its content, as well as if you have a mobile phone without Google services, such as a Huawei with HMS or a ROM that does not include them.

YouTube Go


YouTube Go is an official YouTube app, though the light version. It is available on Google Play, although limited to some regions, although it can be downloaded and installed from its APK without problems.

With YouTube Go you can’t just do the same thing as with YouTube, but the basics are there: watch videos. The most characteristic feature of YouTube Go is that it allows you to download videos to watch later, without having to have an Internet connection.



NewPipe is possibly the most famous unofficial YouTube client. It has the advantage that does not need Google services, or login of any kind, in addition to being quite similar to the experience of the official application.

NewPipe is frequently updated with news and has basically everything you could ask for from a YouTube player: it’s lightweight, can play videos in background and floating screen And, despite not requiring a login, it allows you to subscribe and create playlists.

YouTube Vanced


If you want the YouTube app, but with a few modifications, that’s exactly YouTube Vanced. Its installation is somewhat more complicated than other alternatives, as you need to download the installer and install Vanced MicroG, a miniclon of Google services.

Alternatives to Google applications that do not need Google Services

YouTube Vanced differs from the official application in that it has an AMOLED dark mode, gesture controls, more customization options and a curious sponsored content blocking, with which you can skip the video intro to go to the content, similar to Pass enter from Netflix.

BG Player


BGPlayer, formerly known as iTube, is one of the few alternative YouTube apps that has managed to survive on Google Play. This time, it is a music-centric YouTube player.

The main reason for being BG Player is that it allows you continue playing music in the background or a floating window, as well as creating “radio stations” based on music genres or songs.



Flytube is not a complete YouTube player, but rather a plugin for the official application. With this app what you can do is open YouTube links in a floating window, instead of in the official application.

Best of all, said floating window continues playback while using other apps or even if you lock the mobile, although this also depends on the mobile’s energy saving policy and how restrictive it is.