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The best apps to record voice on Android

22 mayo, 2021

Some manufacturers include a voice recorder app on android, but not all. For example, it is not part of pure Android and therefore mobile phones with Android One such as Xiaomi Mi A2 and company do not include it. Luckily, there is Google Play to the rescue, as always.

There are dozens and hundreds of applications to record the voice, but some of them have not been updated for years or do not work very well. In this list you will find only the best apps to record voice on Android for free, at least in its basic version.

Philips Recorder


Despite what its name might indicate, the Philips recorder application works with any Android mobile and without the need for any specific accessories. It is a simple voice recorder app and with an attractive interface.

The Philips recorder includes some advanced functions, such as the ability to encrypt recordings and it is possible to convert recordings to text with SpeechLive, although it is a paid function (which you can try for 30 days).

Philips voice recorder

Philips voice recorder

Voice recorder


The interface is a bit from a while ago, but the truth is that it is quite intuitive to use and keeps you well aware of both the duration of the recording and the File size resulting. There is no time limit, so you can record as much as you can in the memory of the mobile.

The recording is of quality but maintaining a reduced file size, because record in MP3 or OGG, with a customizable sample rate, from 8 to 44 kHz. After recording, you can trim the result, share it with other apps, or set the recording as a ringtone.

Voice recorder

Voice recorder 3. 4

Easy voice recorder


Similar, although with a somewhat more polished interface, is Easy Voice Recorder. It has the advantage that you can choose the file name beforehand and otherwise it is, as the name suggests, pretty simple, with no extra buttons or options to get in the way.

However, it hides some powerful functions. The magic wand icon hides the function of cancel echo and reduce noise, and from the settings you can modify the sound quality, the encoding (WAV, M4A or 3GP), as well as the sampling rate (from 8 kHz to 48 kHz).

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

  • Developer: Digipom
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity



Recordr is one of the best voice recording apps on Android. The free version is probably sufficient in most cases, and it comes loaded with customization options.

The best apps to record the screen on Android

The strong point are the recording profiles, in which you can define the type of quality and compression that will be used in the recording. The application comes loaded with predefined profiles, but you can also create your own. Before recording, you can easily choose a profile from the side panel.


Record 2.9



Parrot is another huge crowd favorite and is the same for recording an interview as a music session or a telephone call: it dares to do anything, although some of these features are exclusive to the paid version, which requires a monthly subscription.

The interface makes it easy for you to easily choose the type of quality and if you want the recording to automatically trim silences. Among the available effects is the noise suppression, echo cancellation and audio normalization.

Parrot voice recorder

Parrot voice recorder

Voice recorder


If you are looking for an application to record your voice a good design, Voice Recorder goes a bit beyond the competition. In terms of functions, it has what is just and necessary: ​​it lacks nothing and it has nothing to spare.

From the settings you can choose the recording quality (from 8,000 to 48,000 Hz), as well as in which folder you want the recordings to be saved. Otherwise, it is a simple and fast way to make voice recordings without complications.

Voice Recorder - Audio Recorder, Sound Recorder

Voice Recorder – Audio Recorder, Sound Recorder

I took

Capture Capture

Cogi is a recorder application that is always ready to start recording. He listens to you, but does not record until you tell them, and it allows you to retrace your steps to capture only the most important things.

It is specially designed for taking notes, and has the curious – and useful – function of allow you to attach photos (from the blackboard, for example) and text notes to the sessions, to accompany the recordings.

I took

I took 2.6.20