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The best apps to sign in at work

23 mayo, 2021

Since last May, signing in at work is an obligation in Spain. The objective of this measure, established by Royal Decree Law 8/2019, of March 8, which reforms several articles of the Workers’ Statute, is to fight against job insecurity and overtime that is not paid. A mandatory rule in all companies in the country without exception.

The new situation has made companies have to find solutions to keep track of those hours and to a large extent they have been technological. Some companies have resorted to their access controls, others have installed devices such as fingerprint readers and many have resorted to applications intended for this task.

The obligation to register at work seeks to fight against job insecurity and overtime that is not paid

Reasons to choose apps to sign? Various, although the preference is mainly due to the practicality offered by a service that can be used both in the office and working from home, traveling or on the move. In this article we review some of the best applications to sign in at work that currently exist for Android and iOS.

Time Control

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The name of this application developed by Bixpe makes its function clear: Schedule Control. Available for Android and iOS, it has a free plan with a good number of options and a paid one that includes additional features such as multi-year history of time registration.

In addition to allowing you to sign in through the different applications, Time Control It offers access through a computer or a tablet that can be placed at the entrance of an office to be used by all employees.

Sage Control Schedule

Sage, a company specialized in business services, has created a specialized solution for time management and employee presence at the work facility called Sage Control Schedule.

This cloud service allows the control of presence, schedules and transfers in a legal and demonstrable way through mobile and web applications that can be limited by IP to avoid problems. Likewise, this solution can be integrated with existing clocking terminals, offers options for the management of overtime and complementary hours and allows employees to access their records, the work calendar and request their vacation days. In this case, it is paid and the cost varies depending on the number of employees.

Labor Control

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Labor Control is another system for controlling working hours and employee days that allows compliance with the law thanks to the generation of a report with all the information required by current legislation.

This platform, which has applications for Android and iOS, as well as access to a multi-device web platform, allows you to sign in and out as well as indicate breaks, request vacations or manage cancellations. On the employer’s side, the possibility of establishing a bag of hours to monitor overtime is interesting. Labor Control offers a 7-day trial and different prices depending on the number of workers.

Half of the companies will keep the time record of the employees manually

BeeBole Schedule Control

Beebole 5x Time Control System

BeeBole Time Control is presented as a time control system that helps you make the right decisions. The idea they have is to be as flexible and practical as possible, that is why they offer hourly notes in daily, weekly, monthly and even real time mode, also managing attendance and vacations.

This service, which is accessed through a web application, allows to integrate time control in any ERP and billing program, being able to export the hours worked with signature for the payroll. In addition, they ensure that your cloud system is completely secure thanks to its 256-bit encryption, hidden passwords, daily backups, restricted access to server locations and audit trails. It can be tried for free for a month and then has a cost according to the number of employees.


Another application of recognized value for time control is Intratime. With applications for Android and iOS, in addition to access via the web, it does what all the services of this style do, adding additional features as interesting as the geolocation of transfers and the registration of routes for workers who, for example, must move around doing their jobs. chores.

Intratime offers a free 30-day trial of the service for one employee And, once this promotional period is over, it offers different plans with different characteristics and prices to adapt as best as possible to the size, needs and characteristics of the activity of each company.