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The best extensions for Chrome, Edge and Firefox of 2020

23 mayo, 2021

With the year just a couple of weeks to go, in Genbeta we continue to review the best of 2020. This time we have chosen some of the best browser extensions everyone on the team has discovered over the past 12 months.

Most are extensions for Google Chrome so they are also compatible with browsers like Edge, or alternatives like Opera, Brave or Vivaldi. There are also a few that support Firefox, and in general they are quite useful and interesting.

Link drop

Link drop

This is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that sends you a newsletter whenever you want with all the links that you have saved to read later. You can call it the extension of procrastination, or it can be the extension of organizing your priorities, whichever sounds best to you.

It is like having a Pocket-style service, but that allows you to keep track of the links that you keep during the day, receiving them in a nice email as if it were a daily newsletter.

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Link to Text Fragment

Link To Text Fragment

This is a very simple but very convenient. Link to Text Fragment is used to create links to share only the text segment that interests you within any website. That is, instead of simply sharing a link to an article with someone, with this extension you can share a direct link to a particular paragraph or phrase.

Just select the text segment to highlight it and automatically generate a link that is copied to the clipboard for you to share.

Nat App

Basically an extension for send audios to WhatsApp from Gmail. Its name is – Record audio in Gmail and what it does is add a microphone icon to the compose drawer of emails in Gmail. From there you can record any audio clip without having to open the system recorder.

Once your audio is recorded, it is easily attached to your email in a single click if you wish. It is very convenient, especially if you are one of those who prefers to speak and not write.



You may or may not have noticed it, but Pinterest tends to appear in almost every Google Images search you can think of and in many cases those results are pretty bad and annoying. This is where this extension called Unpinterested! Comes to the rescue.

What it does is basically that: rid us of Pinterest results in Google image search.

Visual Effects for Google Meet

Visual Effects Google Meet

This is an extension for Chrome that allows you to freeze your image at will during a Google Meet call, very useful for escaping from a meeting due to “connection problems”. Since Google’s video calling tool doesn’t offer image customization options, this add-on solves it.

Visual Effects for Google Meet lets us from putting an image behind, as we were in a chroma, to freezing the image if we want to simulate connection problems. There are many effects available, and various options for changing the background.

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Session Buddy

Session Buddy

If you want to put your tabs in order, with this extension you can organize them into sessions and better manage what you have open, and when. His name is Session Buddy, and he serves not only to organize tabs into groups but to manage your bookmarks.

You can save as many sessions as you want, you can organize saved tabs by topic, you can search open and saved tabs to quickly find what you are looking for, you can recover open tabs after a crash or when our operating system restarts the computer, etc.

Auto-Incognito Filter

Auto Incognito Filter

This is the extension to always load the websites you want in incognito mode. While this “private” browsing mode is not really useful for browsing privately, it does have many other uses. An example of this is not leave a trace in the browser’s history, or so that the websites do not recognize you when you use them.

With this extension you can add all the URLs you want to your filter personalized, and every time you go to enter that domain or its subdomains, the browser will open the web in an incognito window.

You’ve Got Spam

Youve got spam

Finally the extension for trolling to the trolls, or spam to spammers. With You’ve Got Spam, you get a way to “fight back” accounts that send you spam.

How? you may wonder, because what the extension does is that with a single click from you the annoying email sender will be automatically subscribed to hundreds of junk subscriptions. Just remember not to use it for evil, after all you can do this to any sender, not just spammers.