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The best extensions for Opera focused on productivity

27 mayo, 2021

Opera is a great browser that gets a lot less love than it deserves. In Genbeta we have already talked about it before, it is one of the best alternatives available, especially if you use Chrome and want to change the scene.

This is partly because in Opera you can install any Chrome extension and you don’t have to do much to do it. However, this browser has its own library of extensions created especially for it, and today we are going to recommend you 11 of the best focused on productivity.

Instant translate

Instant translate

With Instant Translate you have an easy and fast way to translate any text selected in the browser immediately and without having to leave the current page.

You just select a word or sentence and press SHIFT + T, or you select, right-click and choose the option in the pop-up menu. You can translate up to 20,000 characters, and it supports 103 languages.

I don’t care about cookies

I Dont Care About Cookies

If you are fed up with the cookie notices that all websites must show thanks to European laws, with the extension I don’t care about cookies you will forget about them forever. No more wasting time accepting pop-ups that appear every time you clear your browsing data or use a private tab.


Peek Opera

Peek is a great extension that allows you to “take a look” at various types of documents on the web before you decide to download them. For example, you can hover over a link to a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, or video and get a pop-up preview.

Nimbus Screen Capture

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screen Capture is a plugin for Opera that lets us take web page screenshots complete or just a selection.

Also you can record the screen and save the video in different formats. Besides this, it includes a simple editor with which you can make notes or draw on the captures before saving them.

uTorrent easy client

Utorrent Opera

uTorrent easy client is simply a torrent download manager integrated directly into Opera. You can add and remove downloads, view queued files, change priority, control speed, etc. All directly from a pop-up menu in your browser.

Google Keep Sidebar

Google Keep Opera

If you use the Google notes application, you are going to love this extension. Google Keep Sidebar adds to Opera a sidebar with all your notes so you only have to press a button and access them from any browser tab.



Gorgias is an email-oriented extension. It works with the webmail of Gmail,, Yahoo, Fastmail, and the services of LinkedIn and Facebook. What it does is leave you create templates with predesigned messages so you can answer emails easier.

If, for example, you start many emails with the same sentence, you can program Gorgias to when you write the first words, automatically fill in the rest.

Open in VLC

Open In Vlc Opera

Open a VLC is exactly that, an extension for Opera that lets you play any video you are watching on the web directly in VLC. Obviously you have to have VLC installed on your computer for it to work.



Pushbullet is one of my favorite extensions and I carry it on absolutely all my devices, as it allows send files, links, notes, etc. from one browser to another, from the mobile to the computer, or from the gadget to the next one easily and immediately.

In addition, it also lets you mirror the mobile notifications on the computer screen. You can even reply to your SMS from the browser if you install the extension.

Black Menu for Google

Black Menu For Google Opera

Black Menu is the extension perfect for those who use Google services for almost everything in life. It will add a button that displays a menu with shortcuts to Gmail, YouTube, Google Translate, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc.

User agent switcher

User Agent Switcher Opera

User Agent Switcher is a simple plugin for easily and quickly change the way a website is viewed depending on the device for which it has to be displayed. You have the option to see the mobile versions according to different devices and systems, as well as among the different most popular browsers.



Finally, TabHamster is an excellent extension for manage all the tabs that we have open in the browser and divide them into different sessions to have on hand at any time, without having to keep them taking up space in the bar and memory.

In Genbeta | If you use Chrome and want to change browsers, Opera is perhaps your best option