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The best free applications to edit videos on Windows

21 mayo, 2021

Whether you just want to add background music to your birthday videos or, on the contrary, you dream of a successful future as a youtuber, at some point you will have to ask yourself which video editor you want to work with.

And if this is your first foray into this field (or if, simply, your budget is limited) you would surely prefer to take a look at the best free alternatives before considering buying professional software like Adobe Premiere and the like.



OpenShot is an open source video editor, which we can find available for the main desktop operating systems.

It is a perfect choice for the needs of most userss, greatly facilitating tasks such as resizing, scaling, trimming and rotating clips, as well as inserting moving credits or inserting audio tracks.

One of the great advantages it offers over the free versions of paid programs is that OpenShot the ability to work with high definition videos is not ‘capped’ (1080p or 4K).

If you’ve never used it and you’re afraid of seeing something lost, don’t worry: the first time you start it, it will offer you to follow an introductory tutorial.

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VideoPad Video Editor


VideoPad is a very complete alternative if what you are looking for is a quick and easy way to edit home videos, by simply dragging and dropping the image and video files onto the timeline of the interface.

It also facilitates the application of transitions and visual effects (it includes more than 50), all of them with predetermined templates that we can modify.

It allows us to forget about concepts like ‘resolution or’ rendering ‘: what it offers us are options based on what use we want to give the video (upload it to YouTube, burn it to a DVD, view it on a mobile device) to automatically convert it to the most appropriate format.

VideoPad is a paid program … but we can use it for free if it is not for commercial purposes.

Video editor

Already, ‘Video Editor’ is a tremendously generic name and devoid of all charisma. Despite this, this almost unknown program is installed on millions of PCs around the world, since it is integrated into Windows 10 (and is heir to the mythical Windows Movie Maker).

Despite being a good editor that allows you to do many things in the style of its beloved predecessor, Microsoft seems determined to hide it: it can only be opened from the toolbar of the “Photos” program, the default image viewer.

It allows you to drag and drop media clips, splitter and rotate clips, easily add background music, change the playback speed and insert 3D effects, among many other things. It also allows video projects to be duplicated and synchronized using OneDrive.

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Windows Movie Maker

The (solvent) option for nostalgic people: Yes, we just told you that Video Editor is the successor to the late Windows Movie Maker. But maybe the latter is not as dead as they say: it is still possible to download and install it, even in Windows 10.



IvsEdits is a very flexible non-linear video editor, which allows you to edit videos with professional quality every time and let’s dedicate an effort to get hold of its interface and functions.

Stands out for be able to work with 4K resolutions, and it facilitates us the capture of live video and audio (from webcam, microphone, etc.) to add the clips to the project with which we are working.

It is a paid software, but its free version has surprisingly few limitations, so we will only have to register if we want to opt for IvsEdits for our projects.

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Kdenlive is an open source editor, which for a long time has only been available on Linux and BSD. Now, Windows users have access to this great software too, which adapts to all uses, from the most basic to the most professional.

In fact, the interface offers several ‘themes’, which allow it to be better adjusted to our workflow. It also allows us to customize the keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks to your multitrack video editing, we can use several video and audio channels simultaneously, organizing them (and silencing them) as needed. Then we can apply one of the several dozen effects and transitions that the program includes.

It has an interesting function called “proxy editing”, which allows us to work on other computers editing low-resolution copies of our clips: when we return to our PC, the work done will be rendered at full resolution.

And, because it is based on the FFMpeg libraries, Kdenlive allows us to work with almost any audio and video format without forcing us to recode it.