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the best free applications to install on your new PC

22 mayo, 2021

Let’s say that on the occasion of Christmas, New Years, Kings or whatever, you got a new PC with Windows 10. Perhaps you are already familiar with the system, perhaps you were still one of those who used Windows 7, or perhaps the computer did not it’s even new but reading this article maybe you can launch at least a couple of applications.

It is not new software and for many it will perhaps be known, but it will serve as a starting guide for those who are looking Quality apps for Windows 10 that not only cover most basic needs when using a PC, but are also free.


A good office suite

Annotation 2019 12 26 120 633 WPS Office

If you can’t or want to pay for an Office 365 or Office 2019 license, you always have the option to use the Free Microsoft Office, that is to say, the Office online. The only detail is that even if you install the free version of Office from the Microsoft Store, you will basically only get a launcher for the web applications.

If you do well with alternatives, especially one that closely mimics the look of Microsoft Office, ONLYOFFICE offers a free and open source version of its text editor, spreadsheet editor and presentation editor, the entire package weighs just 157MB and is available for multiple platforms.

Another option aesthetically similar to MS Office is WPS Office, which also has the advantage that it allows you to open the different apps of the suite in tabs within the same window. This download in addition to the three classic apps, also includes a PDF reader.

And, finally, we cannot fail to recommend LibreOffice apps as well, which offers more applications than any of the previous suites, which is still free and open source, and which over the years has fine-tuned its compatibility with most of the most used document formats, and quite modernized its interface.

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A good image editor

Entry 2019 12 26 121 801 PhotoScape X

If you can’t or don’t want to, or don’t even need something as complex as Photoshop or Lightroom, there are very viable options for editing images offered for the fabulous price of free. You may already know one as famous as GIMP that since its version 2.10 looks better than ever, and it will always be a highly recommended option.

However, if you are looking for something simpler and easier to use with a lower learning curve, the most interesting image editor that I have recently discovered is PhotoScape X, it not only has a lot of basic functions to apply effects in a few clicks, but it even supports RAW image editing. It has a ton of useful tools, and a tutorial for each one.

A good email client

Mailpsring Mailspring

If something is difficult to achieve today, it is a good native email client that is also free and that you are thinking for personal users and not for a business environment. Although it seems that you would have to settle for the web, which is not too bad, if you prefer a dedicated app, we have written a long list of recommendations before.

From that list we can mainly recommend Mailspring because it has one of the best interfaces, is easy to use, supports multiple email accounts, has a unified inbox, conversations, and easy ways to tag or star emails.

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A good task manager

Notion Notion

If you want something simple and straight to the point where you simply jot down things and create lists with reminders, nothing simpler than Microsoft To Do. If you want a little more than this, and you are also interested in being able to add photos or audio to your notes, there is always Google Keep, but this is just a webapp.

If you want something more complete, all-terrain, with a calendar and lots of options that can even be used to create databases, you have to take a look at Notion, an absolute beast of productivity which also has one of the best interfaces out there.

A good music player


If you are looking for a service free streaming musicThe only ones that have an ad-supported model and that let you use a native app in Windows 10 are Spotify and Deezer, the first is more complete than the second.

Now, if you are one of those who still download your own music, or listen to CDs on your computer, I cannot help but recommend an old acquaintance that is still one of the best available: AIMP. It consumes few resources, offers great codec support and excellent sound quality, and it has a lot of extra options with even support for some old Winamp plugins.

For me the best music player is ...

A good video player


You could just download VLC and satisfy most of your needs. Others of us would recommend MPC-HC and you would also have a great time, even better. And if you want a third option that is more than interesting and on par with the previous two, take a look at PotPlayer.

And a handful of utilities

  • ScreenToGif: in case you want to record the screen of your computer and turn it into a GIF.
  • DeepL: in case you want to translate text instantly from anywhere.
  • Youtube-dl: in case you want to download videos from YouTube or almost any other website.
  • waifu2x-Caffe: in case you want to double the size of an image without losing quality.
  • Monosnap: in case you want an easy-to-use screen capture tool with a built-in editor.
  • XnView: in case you want a more powerful and lightweight image viewer.
  • FalconX: in case you want to center the icons on your taskbar.
  • Plex: in case you want to build your own multimedia center.