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the best free websites to play with friends

22 mayo, 2021

In Genbeta we have given you many ideas against boredom and relaxation, and this article has that purpose or simply to have fun with our families. In that sense, you can make an Escape Room with our family and friends, or play online board games alone or with someone.

OR as we propose now, put our knowledge of general culture to the test, and play some good games of online trivia. For this, there are several websites with which to entertain us during long sessions. To play on mobile, we recommend Trivia Crack or QuizUp.


If what we are looking for is to spend some time with friends playing with the same mechanics as the ‘Trivial Pursuit’, Triviando is the best choice. Something that we will see here and in the rest of the options is that, although they try to simulate the classic aesthetics, they do not quite succeed, since the board game board and the cards have a much more careful appearance.

However, getting out of this trivial question (heh heh), we find ourselves with the same old game, with its categories (geography, sport, geography, literature, science and cinema) and its corresponding little questions, with a total of six. To play you will have to roll the virtual dice, and advance with correct answers in the normal squares, where we will choose between two themes. When you get a cheese question right, you will add it to your credit. On the right side of the board we can see statistics, and play other Triviandos, such as a Film Trivia, Geography, Spanish Language, etc.


In Triviando we can play trivial online with several modalities. The former is a normal game for which no registration is required, while to play in a tournament with knockouts, we will have to. To play in a group with friends, there is the possibility to create one and manage it.


Trivial Online is probably the most direct option we have to “bite” with ourselves and with our friends on various questions of general culture. However, unlike Triviando, it does not offer an interface based on the board game, nor rounds.

Yes indeed, we have the option to create a game easily and share our link with the number of people we want. When creating it, we are asked to say the number of questions to answer, to choose from 5 to 100, and the time established for the answers.

Trivial Online Games

At we can join other players’ public games.

The categories of the questions are Art and Literature, Film and TV, Geography, History, Miscellaneous, Music, Science and Nature and Sport. With each correct answer, you will earn 100 and 200 points, depending on the speed of response, which is why both correctness and speed matter.

104 multiplayer games for PC, consoles and mobiles to cope with the quarantine and play with friends



Trivinet, more than an online trivial website, which it is also, is a website with which to learn, as it was created by a teacher who has focused the project on gamification. So, for example, we can play multiplication tables in math.

We can play alone in a group, which will require registration. Personally, what I liked the most about Trivinet is the number of categories it has, since it is totally out of the ordinary. In that sense, we can configure games in Spanish, French, English, German, Catalan, Basque, Swedish, Galician and Portuguese, choosing between themes such as Graphic Arts, Humor, Music, Biology, etc..

Trivinet Themes

In this age of teleworking and online teaching, Trivinet seems to me the best option to create groups of students that compete and have fun answering questions on the most varied topics and at their level that we will find in any game of this type. It also has an app for Android.