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the best memes of 2018

27 mayo, 2021

If something leaves us each year there are hundreds of memes, and today we are going to face the complex task of trying to summarize 2018 in viral moments and humorous content.

There is so much to choose from (with memes born in different parts of the world and on the Internet), so if you think we have forgotten something important, it will be great if you help us complete this list in the comments.

The 19 best memes of 2018 ordered from worst to best

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Is this a pigeon?

According to the Know Your Meme encyclopedia of memes, this meme came in 2011, when a Tumblr user captured this subtitle of the 90’s anime ‘The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird’.

The meme seeks to express confusion, and has been used to highlight the bad decisions that are made in life or that someone’s opinion (or your own) sometimes does not make sense.

Eat detergent

To know the origin of this meme we will have to go back to 2015. It was at that moment when The Onion, a satirical medium, published an article about a boy who wanted to eat one of these liquid detergent capsules

To start 2018 strong, some people decided to bring a strange challenge to life: eat these multi-colored capsules. Thus was born the ‘Tide pod Challenge’, and in a matter of days YouTube was filled with videos of people putting these detergent capsules in their mouths.

The name of the challenge referred to the Tide brand, one of the best known detergent companies in the United States. The company had to start a campaign on social networks to distance itself from this trend and warn of the dangers of chewing these capsules.

Do not say it

“Don’t Say It” is a meme about those moments when you shouldn’t say something but in the end you end up saying it. According to Know Your Meme, it was born in October 2017, when the user @Pandamoanimum He tweeted his experience in a taxi (after repeatedly thinking “don’t say it”).

The Christmas speech of Felipe VI

Like every end of the year, the traditional king’s speech arrived. In 2018, Felipe VI’s speech made reference to young people, who are usually the most critical of the monarchy. As expected, in a matter of minutes social networks were filled with memes with this moment.

SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg has died at 57

Evil patrician

Patrick is one of the most beloved and charismatic characters in SpongeBob SquarePants. This year we saw how a screenshot from an episode aired in 1999 (titled ‘Nature Pants’) helped show the worst habits of each person.


In April of this year Mark Zuckerberg, creator and main person in charge of Facebook, had to stand up for the company before the Senate and Congress of the United States for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Zuckerberg appeared remarkably nervous and looking really strange. Most of the memes were related to his humanoid appearance, as he seemed to be pretending so that we wouldn’t find out that he really is a robot:

Change my mind

Steven Crowder is an acquaintance podcaster that in February of this year he published a photo in which he appears behind a banner that says “male privilege is a myth, it changes my opinion.”

It immediately became one of the memes of the moment, and the Internet began to modify the content of the banner in order to ask less conservative questions.

Google Arts and pictorial similarities

At the beginning of the year the Google Arts & Culture application launched a new function: take a selfie and find out which face in an artwork matches yours. The company’s artificial intelligence is fed by a database in which more than 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions from 70 countries have collaborated.

The problem is that the results often left a lot to be desired:

Tired of life in the Christmas Lottery draw

One of the most anticipated moments in December is the Christmas Lottery draw. In 2018 the leading role was taken by a girl who seemed to have no more energy to be reading the winning numbers.


On one of the most mythical scenes of ‘Predator’ (1987) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers shake hands in which they want to show how muscular they are.

In 2012 a deviantART user uploaded an illustration about this scene, which six years later returned to spread through social media:

Young Thug and Lil Durk in front of the computer

One of the most classic images of a recording studio shows us the musicians and the producer listening to the mix to make some adjustments. This is what they were probably doing rappers Young Thug and Lil Durk, but the Internet had a funnier interpretation.

As we see, 2018 has been a year full of unforgettable memes (and that we have only shown a small fraction). Let’s hope that 2019 will give us such fun moments and that they will help us to cope with the most difficult parts of our day to day.