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The best minimalist wallpapers for your Android mobile

26 mayo, 2021

Although the customization layers of various manufacturers include apps or specific sections with different themes for change the wallpaper of your Android mobile (both the start and the block), in Google Play we can find applications that change it automatically.

However, these apps do not always have wallpapers to our liking and, in many cases, they are of low quality. If you are looking for a new one and do not want to waste time browsing pages that make it difficult to download them, then we will show you a lot of alternatives classified by categories and with a minimalist design in most cases.

How to blur an image to use as a wallpaper and highlight icons

Sky wallpapers (24)

The clouds, the stars, the rainbow, the moon, the northern lights … and even a lightning bolt. The sky is full of elements that provide wallpapers simple and with very varied colors, where the nocturnal images take a large part of the prominence.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Architecture Wallpapers (16)

An isolated building or a part of it are the protagonists of the following group of images, as riddled with straight lines as with spirals and curves. Surely in many cases you can recognize the name of the building and in which city the building in question is.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Pattern Wallpapers (16)

This gallery is closely related to the previous one, as there are many architects who use repeating patterns for your buildings. In any case, if you suffer from trypophobia (repeating pattern phobia), you better not see these photos.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Nature Wallpapers (14)

Leaves and trees with its spring greens and its autumnal browns They also leave a multitude of snapshots that look perfectly with a background for both the lock screen and the home screen.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Tree and flower wallpapers (11)

Is there anything more minimalist than an isolated tree in the middle of the landscape? Here we collect several images that portray precisely that, although we have also let the odd flower slip through. We know they are part of nature, but we think they deserved a specific gallery.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Sea and beach wallpapers (17)

The sea and the beach are, for many, an escape route because it evokes vacation memories. Whether it is your case or not, no one can deny the immense beauty of the maritime landscapes, although in many of the images, just water and sand appear.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Water Wallpapers (12)

Although many of the images in this gallery could be perfectly included in the previous one, the waves of the water and the shapes of the foam of the waves well deserve their own section, especially for the calm they transmit.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Mountain wallpapers (13)

Mountainous landscapes, especially if they are snowy, they are a safe bet if what you are looking for is an attractive and minimalist wallpaper. Especially if the silhouette of the mountain appears outlined against the sky.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Abstract Wallpapers (16)

Abstract shapes usually work very well as a wallpaper, in fact it is the resource used by a large number of manufacturers for themes that come pre-installed on the mobile. We’ve put together a few of different colors here, so there’s something for everyone.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Blurred wallpapers (8)

Bokeh, or background blur, has become fashionable and most phones include it in portrait mode. But yes that blur we apply it to the lights, the result is snapshots as simple and beautiful as the ones shown below.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Clear Wallpapers (12)

If yours are not dark tones because they seem sad or gloomy, we have also put together a series of images where the color white is the main protagonist. You already know that on light backgrounds, the icons on your mobile screen stand out more, but be very careful with the battery consumption that can cause you if you have the brightness adjusted to the maximum.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Dark wallpapers (12)

If your mobile has an OLED or AMOLED screen and has a high contrast ratio, you will appreciate the attractiveness of these backgrounds even more. In any case, black and dark tones they have always been synonymous with elegance.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Black and white wallpapers (14)

Why would you choose between black and white if you can have both colors in the same image? And if you don’t like strong contrasts, we also propose a few grayscale wallpapers. You know what they say, sometimes virtue is in the middle.

Various authors (Unsplash)

Very colorful wallpapers (9)

We are going to end with a gallery of images that, although they are not precisely what is considered minimalist, they do have a single protagonist: color. Y the louder and more striking, the better. If you did not like the last three categories, surely you will find an interesting proposal here.

Various authors (Unsplash)