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The best options for tracking shipment tracking numbers around the world without dying in the attempt

24 mayo, 2021

Now that we depend more and more on online shopping, and with the extreme consumerism generated by the holidays and Black Friday, perhaps you have made purchases and you do not know how to locate your packages.

Not all companies offer you the best possible tracking, some only send you tracking numbers without links without specifying what the transport service is, and if the shipment is international, everything is more complicated especially in times of COVID-19. For those occasions and any similar, you have these tools at hand:



In Parcels they offer you universal parcel shipping tracking from Singapore, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Aliexpress, Amazon, DHL, eBay, UPS, Fedex, and much more. All you have to do is enter the number of tracking that you have and try your luck.

I have put it at the top of the list because it is the one that has given me the best results and has identified the most numbers, but this may vary depending on which country your shipment comes from and which company transports it. Parcels also offers detailed information such as estimated delivery dates, activity history, days in transit, etc.

It also has free applications for iOS and Android.

Nine useful Telegram bots created by Spanish developers




AfterShip is a shipment tracking solution for e-commerce platforms that developers can implement on their websites, but the main page offers free parcel tracking to all users.

At AfterShip they offer tracking packages from 749 transport companies all over the world, so the chances of finding information about your package here are high. It also offers detailed information and estimated days of waiting for your shipment.



If you’ve ever shopped on AliExpress, you may know 17TRACK, an “all-in-one” package tracking platform. 17TRACK is especially useful for tracking parcels coming from China, but works with many more ecommerce companies around the world.

Another useful feature of this website is that it lets you enter multiple tracking numbers at once and do a single search for all at the same time.

What is 'brushing', the practice whereby packages of seeds from China can be sent to us without having asked for them



This option is an interesting one and somewhat different from the previous ones, since it is a bot for Telegram made in Spain that serves to check parcel tracking numbers and that is very good with local businesses.

You just have to add @MiTrackingBot to your Telegram and you can ask the bot to find your packages and It will notify you if it gets changes every 15 minutes through the chat. It is very convenient.