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The best photo gallery apps for Android

22 mayo, 2021

All Android phones come with Google Photos as a gallery app and sometimes one of the brand’s own. However, if none of these options convince you, you can always turn to Google Play to find other gallery applications to see the photos and videos that you have taken with your mobile.

In Google Play there are many gallery applications, but it is difficult to find quality alternatives. Here you will find eight gallery apps for Android that will cost you nothing. Some of them have premium features that must be paid for separately, but we have ruled out apps with too many limitations or excessive advertising.

QuickPic Classic


QuickPic was one of the most popular gallery apps but then something happened … Cheetah Mobile bought it. Over time, Cheetah did with QuickPic what Cheetah does with other applications, and ended up getting more than necessary. The drama was consummated recently when QuickPic was removed from Google Play, allegedly for an issue of advertising fraud.

However, there are those who still miss the QuickPic of yesteryear and users have rescued it from the trunk of memories. In XDA they have the latest version 4.5.2 to download, with the speed and lightness that characterizes this simple and efficient gallery.



The name and icon are a bit random, but Piktures is a gallery app that surprises with its added functions. The downside is that it needs to analyze all your photos before you can start using it, and it takes a while if there are a lot of them.

Among its benefits are the possibility of hide photos in a secret trunk, a complete filter by locations, dates or labels, the possibility of connecting with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and others and even a qr code reader.


PikturesVaries by device.

  • Developer: DIUNE
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photography

Simple Gallery


The very name tells you about a simple gallery app, and that’s exactly what you get. It’s a bit old school like galleries from previous versions Android, and after all, isn’t that what you need most of the time?

It has filters and allows you to adjust the colors of its interface as well as the designs of the image view, although the process is manual instead of using gestures. An interesting addition is that you can hide folders.

Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery5.1.4

A + Gallery


A + Gallery is a gallery application that gives you quite a few options on how you want to see your photos. Either all together, by year, months, by album or depending on where they were taken. Here it is even shown a summary of your trips and the photos you have taken in each of these places.

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The free version has advertising that you can remove with a single payment of 1.99 euros. Other interesting functions are the security vault, to save photos that you do not want others to see or the slideshow view, with different transition effects.

A + Gallery - Photos and Videos

A + Gallery – Photos and VideosVaries by device.

F-Stop Gallery


F-Stop is a somewhat advanced gallery application, for those who are looking for something more complex than usual or always feel that something was missing from the usual gallery. Have all kinds of filters by tags, places, folders and albums and you can also bookmark.

The settings are especially intense, being able to choose precisely the colors of the theme as well as the style of the photo grid or include or exclude folders. Some features are restricted for the paid version, which you probably won’t need unless you are an advanced user.

F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery5.1.4

Camera Roll


If you are a little tired of almost all gallery apps being very similar visually, here you go some fresh air. The album list is displayed large with a Parallax effect (which you can disable, if you don’t like it).

It is otherwise a fairly simple and light gallery app, with a couple of additions. For example, you can hide some photos from prying eyes and choose how your photos and albums will be displayed between different themes and compositions.

Camera Roll - Gallery

Camera Roll – Galleryv1.0.6



You will find another unusual design in Focus, from the well-known developer Francisco Franco. Each folder is shown with a clear separation and several photos, all this with a very clean interface. The free version has some limitations (for example, it does not include the ability to hide photos).

What Focus does have is a little photo editor suitable for making small modifications, cuts and rotations without having to resort to other applications. A curious detail is that you can choose between different icons for the application.

Focus - Picture Gallery

Focus – Picture Gallery1.2.1



Recently we were talking to you about Memory, a simple gallery app and with a modern interface similar to the renewal of Google applications. Its main drawback is advertising, which appears while you view the photos in an album. Getting rid of it will cost you 0.99 euros.

Its simple design is its main virtue, but you can also bookmark photos, filter the results to find the photo you are looking for or hide certain photos in a private album, for your Eyes Only.

Memory Photo Gallery

Memory Photo Gallery0.6.2.0