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the best programs to keep your company’s accounting

22 mayo, 2021

Accounting is basic for companies. Keeping an effective and chronological record of identifiable and quantifiable economic events is essential to know the status of a company and to be able to make informed decisions based on useful, understandable and reliable data.

And, luckily, we live in a time when companies – and more specifically the workers dedicated to their administration and finances – have access to a good number of accounting programs simply and appropriately. No need for papers and calculators.

Then we do a review by the best accounting programs for companies, free or paid, which greatly facilitate accounting work. All of them have more or less basic functionalities, comparable and common with the rest, with additions that differentiate them in one way or another from the rest of the applications. Let’s see this selection.

ContaSol, the free classic


ContaSol is a classic of business accounting programs. Even if you do not dedicate yourself to the subject, it is more than likely that you have heard his name on some occasion. ContaSol is the free alternative to other wildly popular payment programs like ContaPlus.

A powerful package, which reminds many of Office for its interface, which allows systematize the control of the accounts of a company, also of freelancers, quite easily, centralizing all management and accounting tasks in one place. It is multi-user, offers analytics and statistics, has billing models, adds automatic updates, and can work locally.

More information: ContaSol

Sage 50cloud (ContaPlus), an updated standard

ContaPlus has been Sage 50cloud for a while. It is, say those responsible, the natural evolution of the mythical program whose objective is “to continue providing solutions to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.” And its more than two decades of experience, practically becoming a standard among Spanish companies, endorse it.

Sage 50cloud offers, in addition to the obvious in an accounting program, integration with Office 365, customization of menus for a more effective management, reports and graphs in real time, multi-device access, backup copies in the cloud, the possibility of sharing information with clients, adaptation to all types of businesses … Yes, it is paid.

Learn more: Sage 50cloud

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VisionWin Accounting, a commitment to simplicity

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Visionwin Accounting is a free accounting program that is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses offering as a great differentiating feature a very intuitive use, even for those who have no experience in accounting, and a total previous configuration, so as not to spend more time than due to the previous preparation.

This accounting application allows the use of automatic entry templates for purchase / expense and sale / income documents, which allows us to work even with minimal accounting notions; the creation of exhaustive reports and comparative graphs, to have a clear view of the results; or adequate document management, being able to associate each entry to a document, image, PDF, spreadsheet, etc.

More information: Visionwin Accounting

KEME Accounting, the open source option

Screen 25

KEME Accounting is a open source application for keeping company accounts through a nice interface and powerful functions. It integrates perfectly in Linux windows environments and, also, in Windows. It is multi-user, multi-company and it is released without any limitation.

This software supports different types of databases and offers all kinds of features, accounting plans consultation, expiration controls, creation of accounting entries, registration of business documentation, VAT calculations or account reconciliation.

More information: KEME Accounting

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SeniorConta, a popular program

Seniorcontav10 01

Another business accounting program with notable acceptance is SeniorConta, an application that allows to carry out a basic accounting of any company with the possibility of adding options to the free version.

SeniorConta allows you to view and have reports of all kinds such as the trial balance, the statements of the ledger, the printing of the newspaper or the models of the annual accounts as stipulated in the current General Accounting Plan. It also provides information on detailed income and expenses by departments or sections of the business structure.

More information: SeniorConta