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The best second-hand buying and selling websites

27 mayo, 2021

Undoubtedly, second-hand buying and selling is experiencing a golden age thanks to the internet. Buying and selling used products that are still useful is an upward trend and a good example of them are the innumerable platforms of all kinds that have emerged, both specialized and general.

Among all the existing services, particularly among all those that provide a web page through which to buy and sell, we have made a selection with those that we consider the best for their popularity, usability and reliability. The crème de la crème of the second-hand sale.

We make a selection of the best web platforms for the purchase and sale of second-hand objects and products


Wallapop Creativity

WallapopAlthough it is mainly known for its applications available for both Android and iOS, it also has a web page with practically all the functionalities that allows us to both place advertisements and contact sellers. Given the popularity of the service, it is very easy to find everything. And the feedback system helps a lot!


EBay offices in Berlin

eBay is a mythical website known, mainly, for product auctions. However, for many years, it has emerged as an interesting generalist e-commerce platform in which to buy new products, from professionals, as second-hand, from individuals of all the world.


Vibbo logo

The mythical a few years ago was renamed Vibbo. The classic web (and printed newspaper) of classified ads for sale between individuals and professionals tried to adapt to the new times while maintaining its essence. We can find, as in most platforms of this type, from small objects through houses or cars.


Screenshot of Todocoleccion's website

Todocoleccion’s motto is “where memories live”; And it couldn’t be more correct. This second-hand trading platform is specialized in antiques, art, books and collectibles. We can find from typical products of a trail to others not so common, but interesting for anyone. It is the benchmark in this segment and offers interesting features such as the auction or the possibility of offering offers.


Capture of the Milanuncios website

Milanuncios boasts of having more than 13,000,000 classified ads and, although we have not counted them, we can say that there are thousands and thousands of them. There are services, job offers … and, of course, the sale of second-hand products and objects. Its popularity, as in the rest of the commented websites, is a guarantee of a public potential for what we want to sell or variety for those we intend to buy.