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The best speed tests to measure your connection

25 mayo, 2021

We all like to know that we are receiving the best service for what we pay. In the case of Internet connections, it is quite easy to measure their performance constantly. Even if almost never gets the maximum speed they have contracted for 100% of the timeAt least we feel better knowing that we are near the top. We can claim properly or simply change operators if we notice too many downward fluctuations.

Speed ​​tests abound on the internet and yet many users do not believe that there is life beyond A good test must have Dedicated global servers to provide the most accurate result possibleIt ideally works in HTML5 and does not use plugins like Java and Flash, and it should use different sample sizes of the files it uses to measure connection ranges.

We have tested more than a dozen speed tests available on the web. Some show more information than others, but in general they are all lightweight, offer very similar results, and most importantly: they are not provided by any internet service provider that could prioritize traffic to them.



Offered by none other than Netflix, is a ultra minimal speed test which only measures the current download speed of your connection. The interesting thing about this test is that since it is offered by the popular streaming site, it obviously uses its servers.

It is no secret that some ISPs inflate their results a bit by prioritizing traffic through speed test sites, and at the same time many have limited the speeds for the use of Netflix due to the high bandwidth it consumes. can put this in evidence, or in the long run perhaps ISPs will offer us better streaming speeds to make it stand out in the test.

Speedtest (beta)


Super ultra known to all, has been working for a long time on a new version that does not use flash and works completely in HTML5. This one will soon replace the one we all know, but in the meantime you can use it from the alternate direction.

No other service has so many servers in the world and is able to offer comparison of results with almost any ISP on the planet, thanks to the millions of tests that users perform every day. Speedtest measures ping, download and upload speed. You can create an account to save a history of results.

M-Lab’s Speed ​​Test


This test was created by the Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a research consortium that offers one of the largest collections of open data on internet performance on the planet.

It offers you a advanced diagnosis of your broadband connection through several quick measures. The M-Lab collects your data and you must accept the disclosure of your IP as part of the publication of its research.



SpeedSmart claims to use a test method as close as possible to how we navigate and we download files on the net in our day to day. They start their tests with larger data and automatically adjust it as the speed test runs for more accurate results.

Their tests offer download and upload speeds as well as latency (ping). The site works in HTML5, so you can access the test from any device. You can also register to keep a detailed history of the tests.



OpenSpeedTest also works on any device as it does not require Java or Flash. The algorithm they use detects the stable speed of the connection executing various download and upload requests from your browser.

It’s a pretty simple site, it detects the server automatically, but it doesn’t allow you to change it. It offers download, upload and ping results. It does not have many servers, but it selects the best one and offers results almost equal to the closest ones.



Although simple, fast and with a large number of servers around the world, Dospeedtest uses flash and is no longer an option on many devices, or for those who see no need to use the problematic plugin.

Dospeedtest measures latency, upload and download speed, and shows a list of the last ten tests that have been done. Spoiler: there are not many, especially when compared to other much more popular sites. Although with such little-known sites, it is extremely difficult for your ISP to be benefiting traffic to them.



This site offers somewhat more detailed results than the rest of the list. SpeedOf.Me tests your connection by downloading and uploading file samples from your browser. It starts with the smallest sample (128 KB) while it shows you a graph of your bandwidth in real time.

If the first sample downloads in less than eight seconds, the next sample will be tried and so on until a 128MB is reached. Same for the climb. That way it measures speed over a fairly wide range.


E Speedtest

E-Speedtest is quite basic: it measures latency, download and upload speed and displays them graphically and quickly. It lets you create an account to store results, but it has that nasty flaw that we’re not fans of: it uses flash.



Testmy is the only site of its kind that offers a automatic test to repeat tests constantly in your connection unattended. You can set a certain time interval and decide if you want to test download and upload or combine both results. You start the test and then come back for the results.

Testdevelocidadeu offers a download speed, upload speed and latency test that also uses a secure connection for measurement. It is one of the very few that use SSL and HTTP2 encryption. It works entirely in HTML5 and is ideal for testing Spanish connections.

Bandwidth Place


Another simple HTML5 speed test that lets you select between servers on four continents. Bandwidth Place works from any device, offers download and upload results, and also measures ping. It has a history section from where you can compare in a graph all the results of the tests that you have done from the site.



The only thing different from the others that Boradbandspeedchecker has and that has made him enter this list, is the possibility of program an automatic speed test That can be once a month, once a week, once a day, or every hour. You can choose exactly between which schedule and then compare previous results.

Speed ​​test

Speed ​​test

We missed adding the ADSLZone speed test that has been running since 2005 and now has an HTML5 version. In addition to measuring the speed of your broadband connection, it also stores the data it collects and prepares performance reports from the different operators in Spain, and then presents the results to users.

Bonus: Network Speed ​​Test for Windows 10

Network Speedtest

This is not a website but a application created by the Microsoft Reasearch team for Windows 10. Network Speed ​​Test is a simple program that measures download and upload speeds, as well as the latency of your internet connection.

The app stores a history with all the measurements and helps you understand which of the activities you carry out consume more bandwidth and which ones you can carry out with the speed you have.