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the best themes for Huawei and Honor mobiles

25 mayo, 2021

EMUI has a long history as a ROM in charge of giving life to Huawei phones. With EMUI 9.1 starting to roll out to a good number of devices, It is appropriate to comment on how we can customize said ROM to taste.

Huawei devices have the ‘Themes’ application, which allows them to almost completely modify their interface. In addition to having said official store, we can download themes from third-party applications, which are directly integrated with the official ‘Themes’ application.

So, we are going to tell you what they are, in our opinion, the best themes you can install in EMUI, completely free of charge and in a matter of a few minutes.

What are your chances

Apps Stores

Before starting, comment that on your Huawei device you have the ‘Themes’ app. In this, you will find free themes and paid themes, as well as the option to combine the different elements of each theme, to create a personalized theme to your liking.

If you like the themes in the ‘Themes’ app, you can choose from a variety of free and paid themes. If you are not convinced, there are third-party solutions in the Play Store

As we are used to seeing in this type of Asian layers, the aesthetics of the themes is somewhat overloaded, and not too respectful of Google’s Material Design lines. If what you are looking for is a somewhat more elegant and modern theme, you can use third-party applications.

In our case, we have opted for Themes for Huawei / Honor. The application has a rating of 4.6 stars out of a maximum of 5, more than a million installations, and a fairly recent update. It only weighs 7.1 megabytes, so you should not have any problems at the internal memory level.

Our selection of themes

Clarified that you have both the official Huawei store and the application that we have recommended, we proceed to list some of the best topics that we have found browsing the latter, since its aesthetics has convinced us more.

Android Dark P

Pixel Theme

As its name suggests, with this theme we will have a similar interface (not identical) to that of Google devices. Starting with the launcher, we notice at first glance that the icons follow the Google Material lines, quite rounded and flat.

As for the notification bar and the settings, they turn gray. This configuration doesn’t save as much battery as a completely black theme would, but in our opinion, it is a good solution on an aesthetic level.

Download | Android Dark P

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Samsung One UI

One Ui Huawei

Yes, it is possible to bring the interface of EMUI closer to that of One UI. In this case, the wallpaper and icons are quite successful. Similarly, applications such as calls or settings are in a complete black, to save energy.

In our case, we have had some incompatibility with the settings on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It is a good time to remember that, although the themes are prepared to work on any device, the developers warn that there may be certain incompatibilities.

Download | Samsung One UI

PureBlack EMUI

Pureblack Emui

This matter offers pure blacks in both menus and applications, while respecting the Google Material lines. In our case, it has managed to customize practically all the icons of the applications that we have installed, maintaining a lot of uniformity at the design level.

Download | PureBlack EMUI



As the name suggests, this topic focuses on maximum battery savings. To do this, both the wallpapers and the application icons themselves have been set to pure black. Some applications are not adapted, so they could be seen in color.

However, most of the applications we use on a day-to-day basis are personalized, so it is easy to achieve uniformity with the color using this peculiar theme.

Download | OledLike

iPhone X Concept Dark

Ios Emui

If you can’t beat the enemy … In EMUI you can also enjoy an interface relatively similar to that of iOS. The wallpaper is that of the new iPhone XS, and the icons adopt a similar design, although they are still roundinstead of squares with rounded corners.

Download | iPhone X Concept Dark



Skylike is quite a different theme from the others, and combines blue, white and gray icons. Similarly, notifications and settings take on the same blue palette as the wallpaper. In this case, we recommend combining the position of the icons to find some uniformity, since each icon can have a different color.

Download | Skylike

Dark iPhone X

Emui Theme

Despite its name, we liked this theme quite a bit on an aesthetic level, and not as similar to iOS as it might seem. In this case, the icons are square with curved corners (just like EMUI defaults), but with a hybrid design between iOS and Material Design.

Download | Dark iPhone X

Deep blue

Deep blue

One of the songs that we liked the most, with a rather peculiar aesthetic. Deep blue stands out for the design of its icons, the good choice of wallpaper, and the general tones in blue (both in settings and in the status bar).

Download | Deep blue



Iridiscent reminds us in a way of the first versions of CyanogenOS, the system that OnePlus opted for in the beginning. Predominantly square icons, with fully angled corners, and quite vivid colors. The predominant tonality in settings and notification bar is white.

Download | Iridescent