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the best themes to customize your browser

26 mayo, 2021

In recent months Google Chrome has been taking steps that allow us to customize the appearance of the browser. We even have the possibility to create our own theme, although the Chrome Web Store is full of options that we can install at the click of a button.

Sometimes a simple gesture like turning dark mode on or off or changing the theme makes that we feel that we are facing a new experience. That is why we have compiled some of the most interesting themes to activate in the Google browser.

To apply each themeIt will be as simple as going to your page in the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the blue button that appears in the upper right that says “Add to Chrome”.

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Themes created by Google

Window And Chrome Web Store Posted By Chrome

The Chrome team claims to have created “with all the love” a set of themes with a very wide range of colors. In total we are faced with fourteen completely different issues.

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In general, we can say that they are very minimal themes, which go hand in hand with the aesthetic proposal to which Google has accustomed us. Themes like ‘Just Black’ or ‘Black & White’ bet on extreme minimalism, while ‘High Contrast Colorful’ makes blue and yellow contrast with black.

Color Fusion

Image 24 9 19 13 38 Pasted

Now we are going to recommend something completely antonym to Google’s proposal. If you like color gradients, then ‘Color Fusion’ is one of the best themes that you can install on Chrome.

This theme applies a nice light gradient throughout the browser and facilitates navigation with different nuances color. Unlike other themes with gradients, ‘Color Fusion’ applies different gradients to the favorites bar, tabs and the address bar. This way they make it look different and visually attractive.

macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Image 24 9 19 14 04 Glued

The creators of this theme assure that has been designed to “seamlessly integrate with macOS Mojave dark mode”. The colors, text, and layout of the tabs are designed to match Apple’s operating system as closely as possible.

Windows Blue

Image 24 9 19 14 09 Pasted

Similarly, ‘Windows Blue’ is a minimalist theme that uses the same blue color that usually accompanies the Microsoft operating system. If you are a Windows 10 user, you may want to give some coherence to the design of the browser with this theme.

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Totoro Rainy Day

Image 24 9 19 13 44 Pasted

‘Totoro Rainy Day’ is a theme that transports us to one of the most famous scenes in the entire filmography of ‘Studio Ghibli’: ‘My neighbor Totoro’. We are facing a theme that bets on dark tones and includes different elements of the film.


Image 24 9 19 13 46 Glued

We continue with minimalism. As its name suggests, ‘Minimal’ is a theme that he proposes to us a very clean design. White background and light colors on top. Ideal for those who do not like dark mode.

Material Incognito Dark Theme

Image 24 9 19 13 51 Glued

If you like the color scheme that appears every time you open an incognito session, the best option is to install ‘Material Incognito Dark Theme’. Yes indeed, we will have to be careful, since it will be easier to get confused and we may think that we are browsing in incognito mode.


Image 24 9 19 14 00 Pasted

This theme has been created by Peter Noordijk and in it we see the impressive Sahara desert at night. The shapes of the dunes contrast with the starry sky and the Milky Way. ‘Sahara’, obviously, bet on dark tones that fit in with the rest of the design.

Golden Colors

Image 24 9 19 13 55 Glued

We stand before a “gold” theme including dark browns and bright accents to differentiate the different areas of the browser. The truth is that it looks really good and, above all, I like how the ‘Golden Colors’ design looks on the eyelashes.