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The best wallpapers of series and movies

26 mayo, 2021

Wallpapers, who does not like a good one to personalize your mobile? While there are a few apps that help you change it, we too can help you out, and that’s our goal today. If you are looking for a new wallpaper with good quality and suitable for your mobile, you have come to the right place.

In this article we will focus on showing you some of the best wallpapers of series and movies, ordered and differentiated by each one of them so that it is easy for you to find them. In the same way, you will find the gallery with the funds, so you only have to click and download it to your device.

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Wallpapers of ‘The Simpsons’

Despite its withdrawal from Antena 3, ‘The Simpsons’ continues to be one of the most iconic television series, practically worldwide. With the unmistakable aesthetics of Matt Groening, these ‘The Simpsons’ wallpapers are a great option if we want to add extra color to the screen of our smartphone.

‘Futurama’ wallpapers

From the hands of the same creator, with a similar aesthetic, but a completely different story, Futurama is another of the most iconic series on television. How could it be otherwise, Bender, Fry and Leela (among others), leave us with this repertoire of funds.

‘La Casa de Papel’ wallpapers

La Casa de Papel is one of the Spanish series of the moment, and will premiere its new season on July 19. To go “getting hungry”, we leave you with a selection of some of the wallpapers that have been inspired by the series. Are you ready for the return of the Professor?

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‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ wallpapers

A classic in the history of the series, Breaking Bad was accompanied by a surprise: ‘Better Call Saul’. Either inspired by the story of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman, or based on the misadventures of the unfortunate lawyer, we have a good collection of wallpapers.

‘Rick and Morty’ wallpapers

On paper a series for children, although not so much. ‘Rick and Morty’ is one of the most successful series of the moment, characterized by a politically incorrect humor and by the crazy adventures of these two characters. For fans of the series, we leave this gallery with some proposals.

‘House of Cards’ wallpapers

Despite the twists and turns that ‘House of Cards’ had to take due to the firing of Kevin Spacey at the hands of Netflix, the series continues to carry a good weight today. For this reason, we collect some of the images that can help us to dress our phone with this American air.

‘Stranger Things’ wallpapers

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most popular series, and it will premiere its new season on July 4th. While the Demogorgon arrives or not, we leave you here with some of the wallpapers inspired by the series.

‘Peaky Blinders’ wallpapers

The ‘Peaky Blinders’ tell us the story of Thomas Shelby, a character who has become an icon on Netflix series. Its unmistakable aesthetic leaves us with good images, perfect to use as wallpaper.

‘Fantastic Animals’ wallpapers

‘Fantastic Animals’ is one of JK Rowling’s most popular works, alongside ‘Harry Potter’. For all fans of the saga, we collected some of the best wallpapers inspired by the popular movie.

‘Deadpool’ wallpapers

As we enter the Marvel world, we meet ‘Deadpool’, one of the most charismatic heroes on the big screen. With a fairly varied aesthetic, we are faced with several options to personalize our smartphone with the presence of this character.

‘The Avengers’ wallpapers

If you like ‘The Avengers’, you will not have missed Endgame, the film that closes a cycle that we have been enjoying for years. To keep them in the memory, few things better than this selection with some of their best wallpapers.

‘Detective Pikachu’ wallpapers

Detective Pikachu is one of the most popular movies of 2019, and it brings us, for the first time to the screen, Pokémom in a “human” environment. So, we leave you on one side with our review of the film, as well as a good collection of wallpapers.

‘Venom’ wallpapers

Although the critics have not been too kind to ‘Venom’, the character’s aesthetic is still spectacular, allowing designers to create various dark aesthetic wallpapers about this symbiote.

‘Glass’ wallpapers

Directed by M. Night Shyamalany with Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L. Jackson, among others, in the cast, ‘Glass’ is one of the best films of this 2019. A different version of superhero cinema, which leaves us some pretty interesting wallpapers along the way.

‘The Godfather’ wallpapers

Talking about cinema is talking about ‘The Godfather’, a film for which time does not seem to pass, and that is it is always a good time to see her. If we want to personalize our phone with images inspired by this fantastic saga started in 1972, here is a possible solution.

‘Stars Wars’ wallpapers

The ‘Stars Wars’ story will come to an end this year with Episode IX. This is a historic moment for all fans of the saga who we will see reunited characters like Leia, Luke and Lando. While we wait for our hair to stand on end with the premiere of the film on December 20, we settle for these wallpapers to dress our phones.

‘Alien’ wallpapers

‘Alien’ is another of those sagas for which time does not pass. Released in the late 70s, and with recent works like ‘Alien: Covenant’, the series lives on, leaving us some wallpapers along the way.

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