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The best weather apps for Android: in-depth comparison

22 mayo, 2021

There are weather apps for all tastes. You can take a tour of Google Play to check the infinity of alternatives that exist to consult the weather forecast. But are they all reliable? Logically, there is everything.

The truth is that the arrival of weather applications on our mobiles has allowed us to become almost meteorologists for know precisely what time it will start to rain or wind gusts. But some go much further to offer us other types of information such as pollen levels or fire alerts. For this reason, we have compiled several weather applications to analyze their pros and cons and decide which one best suits the needs of each user.

What do we ask of a weather application?

With such a variety of applications, the possibilities are endless. But if there is something we are looking for in any app, it is that it is easy to use, does not have invasive advertising and give us the weather forecast, which, after all, is what we all look for when we install an app of this type on our smartphone. But we can ask you much more and there are some minimum requirements that we believe that any weather application must have to meet expectations.

  • Temperature and wind chill: In addition to the maximum and minimum temperature, it is important to take into account other factors such as wind or humidity to determine the real thermal sensation.
  • Hourly forecast: Beyond knowing whether or not it will rain the next day, it is important to know at what time it will.
  • Real-time alerts: the weather is often unpredictable, and in a matter of minutes, the prediction can change. Hence, if we receive real-time alerts about these possible changes, we can be more prepared for the unforeseen.
  • Real-time location: That the application geolocate you and offer you the weather forecast in the geographical point where you are without having to enter it manually.
  • Sunrise and sunset: Knowing the time of sunrise and sunset allows you to see how the days are growing or decreasing depending on the season of the year, in addition to planning day or night outings without surprises.
  • Sea state: The temperature of the water, the waves or the hours of high and low tide are very useful data if you want to do water activities for example.
  • Wind status: that provides details such as wind speed and direction.

Our selection of candidates



1Weather is one of the applications with the greatest customization options thanks to its different cards that you can add according to your preferences. Have a sharp and clean design (especially on the main screen), although colors are not his strong suit, since you will only see white, gray and blue.

The first thing you will have to do when opening the app is to grant permissions to know your location. When you do, you will find very graphically and summarized the weather that is right at that moment: whether there is rain or sun, as well as temperature, wind chill, wind speed, humidity, UV index, pressure or dew point. As we anticipated, 1Weather is one of the most complete apps.

1Weather offers in a very graphical and summarized way all kinds of weather information

Beyond the prediction for “Today”, you will find four other tabs at the top with the Forecast for the next ten days, although you can also consult it by the hour in the following three days. Added to it is the Precipitation tab, where you can see the rains for the next 36 hours; a Radar to change your location (although you can also enter it manually in the search bar); and Sun and Moon where you can check the time and sunrise or the phase of the moon for the current day, as well as the day before and the next. As a curiosity, if you click on each icon of the moon, you will find the explanation about what the waning or waxing moon is, for example.

In addition, every time you open the app, it offers you weather related information, although you can disable the option if you wish. In our case, for example, we discovered that it is an anemometer (a time instrument used to measure the speed of time) or that the Thai capital, Bangkok, is one of the hottest cities in the world. And to keep in mind, advertising is almost conspicuous by its absence.





With Accuweather you can check the weather at a glance in a very complete way and, above all, with a great precision. You will not only see the current situation in terms of the state of the sky, temperature and wind chill, humidity, UV index or wind speed. In addition, you will find highlighted the warnings in orange (if there are any) or the difference in temperature with respect to the previous day. Thanks to the “MinutCast” function, you will be able to see the rainfall minute by minute to know at what exact moment it will stop or start raining.

The MinutCast function gives you minute-by-minute rainfall information to know precisely when it will start to rain

Apart from the “Now” tab, you can check the “Every Hour” forecast for 24 hours in the free version (72 in the paid version); “Daily” with the forecast for the next 15 days (expandable to 25 under payment); “Radar” where you can see an interactive map; and “News” where you will find articles related to the weather.

If something has caught the attention of Accuweather it is the possibility to configure alerts to receive notifications in which it reminds you that you have to take a coat or an umbrella. On the negative side, the lower advertising banner is too present, although it is not invasive.



Weather forecast

Weather forecast

In Weather Forecast you will find all the information in a single graph when you open the app, which can be confusing at first. Maximum and minimum temperature of the day, current temperature, state of the sky, wind speed, probability of rain, time of sunrise and sunset and up to the day and date. All in a single image that is, as we say, something heavy to look at.

Weather Forecast offers a higher level of detail than the rest of the analyzed applications, but it can be a bit confusing

There are no tabs here to organize the information, beyond a second one to add new locations. Thus, if you slide down on the main screen you will see the hourly forecast for a week with specific information of all types of data such as humidity, wind speed or pressure in each hour, reaching a level of detail higher than the rest of the analyzed applications.

It is curious that after the cards with the forecast for the next few days, we again find information with the current day, more complete than the first graph that we found when opening the app. To close, the radar image with the state of the sky and winds.

Weather forecast

Weather forecast

Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Underground offers very accurate and hyperlocal forecasts thanks to the fact that the users themselves provide information in real time from the meteorological stations installed in their own homes. The application works all over the world and there you may find the first problem: it does not geolocate you and if you choose to put your zip code (as in our case) it offers us a location in the United States, so we had to enter the name of the locality manually. Nothing insurmountable in any case.

The app is not focused on the Spanish market, which is why you will immediately find the following problem: the unit of measurement, which you will have to change manually from the settings. The panel is fully customizable and you can add and remove the cards you want according to your interests. Because yes, there are no tabs here, you will see all the cards located on the same screen, so scrolling will be essential.

On the first card you will find a small map of your area with the maximum and minimum temperature of the day, as well as the real thermal sensation, in addition to the state of the sky, the probability of rain or the wind speed. After him, the possible alerts with the expected start time (in our case it predicted the onset of rain in three hours) and the forecast by day or by hours for the next ten days.

Thanks to the “Smart Forecasts” function, you will know when the ideal conditions occur to carry out your favorite activity

You will also find information about sunrise and sunset or the hours of first and last light, something that we have not seen in any other app. The moon also plays a leading role, with information about the lunar phase or when the next full moon will occur, for example.

As additional information, the “Health” section where you will find data on air quality, UV index or flu. The problem? In the case of the flu, it only offers reports from the United States and is not capable of offering results of Ozone or suspended particles in the locality where we are. Something that you can miss thanks to the cameras: you can see real-time videos of up to ten cameras located near your position.

The app has a “Smart Forecasts” function to inform you of when the ideal conditions to do your favorite activity. Thus, you can create your own or choose between running, hiking, cycling, landscape photography, fishing or astronomy among others. When you do, you must establish the appropriate conditions (temperature, wind, precipitation, humidity, etc.) for the practice and the app takes care of the rest.

Hurricane information? You will also find it in Weather Underground. In fact, it alerts us to two located in the Indian Ocean, information that, unless we plan to travel there, is not exactly necessary. News on the blog.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Bug


Weather Bug is probably one of the oldest and most visual weather forecast apps since it has a very careful aesthetic. Organize the information by tabs to be able to check the current weather situation, as well as the forecast by hours or days. Blue is the protagonist, although it varies depending on the weather: if it rains it appears darker with raindrops included and if the day is sunny, the tone is full of light.

Weather Bug informs you of where the fire has occurred and the closest lightning bolt
to your location

Beyond the hourly prediction tabs, the next …