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The best websites for animal lovers

25 mayo, 2021

Many families have one or more quadruped or winged companions in their homes who are the joy of the same. And when our pets need something, we also turn to the Internet to obtain information, or to contract services or buy their toys.

In those cases, your favorite search engine can be your great ally … but if you want to save time, save in your ‘favorites’ the websites that we recommend in this article:

Animal Expert


ExpertAnimal is a website that gathers all kinds of advice on training, feeding, beauty, care and adoption of pets. Although, without a doubt, what stands out the most is your database of cat and dog breeds, whose search engine allows you to filter them based on multiple characteristics and that offers all kinds of specific information about each one of them.

Mr. Dog


Mr. Dog is a reference when it comes to knowing where to move with your dog in Spanish cities: It not only tells you in which bars, hotels, shops and places you will be well received with your pet, but also which pet accessories stores and which babysitters and canine educators catch you the most by hand.

You just have to go to their website (or their mobile app), write in the search engine on their home page about which municipality you want information, and filter by category. You can choose the ‘list’ or ‘map’ format, much more useful to have the proximity data.

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Miwuki is a platform to manage animal adoption announcements (not just cats and dogs) from associations and protectors as well as from public administrations and even individuals. Among many other factors, its searcher allows you to filter ‘urgent’ adoptions and ‘invisible’ animals.

But this website, which has the collaboration of “more than 600 protectors”, also hides ‘The Feed Bag’, a section that allows us to make donations that will be destined to the feeding of the animals. In addition, on the home page of the web we can also find a dog and cat insurance price calculator.



The previous website offers us information on ‘dog-friendly’ establishments in Spain, but … What if your goal is to go abroad for tourism? For that we have BringFido, the website (in English) that allows us to search events, airlines and tourist establishments around the world where to travel accompanied by our dog. The platform will also allow us write reviews about all the places and services you have recommended to us.

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Rover has a bit of Airbnb and a bit of Glovo, but all applied to the world of pets. In this way, allows us to find caregivers in our area who are willing to walk our dog while we are at work, or to host him at home (or take care of him by visiting ours) when we are on vacation.

The platform allows us to arrange free previous meetings with potential caregivers before reserving their services, and the Rover team ensures they review and approve each caregiver present on the platform.

Relax my dog

There are dogs with a greater tendency than others to get nervous when they are forced to stay home alone for several hours, and their owners are forced to pull inventive so that calm down or at least feel less alone with TV or radio ‘company’.

But YouTube channel ‘Relax my dog’ offers numerous pieces of chill out music specifically for dogs, including a 24-hour broadcast to make sure this ‘doggy music thread’ won’t end if your train is late.

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Online stores: TiendAnimal y Mascoteros


Pet owners often missing certain specialized products for the care and feeding of their animals that they cannot find in department stores, or in the nearest small specialty stores; That is why they must resort to online stores, some of which have achieved great popularity in Spain.

TiendAnimal, whose success has allowed it to open physical stores, has almost half a million customers in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, and has a current turnover of more than 100 million. Offers free online veterinary office and a “Prime Shipping” service that allows us to forget about shipping costs for a year for only € 19.95.

Mascoteros, meanwhile, offers three savings plans (between € 2.99 and € 7.99) to save up to 8% on orders that we carry out for a year. It also provides us with options to earn money if we convince our friends to use the platform.



The official federations

The RSCE (Royal Canine Society of Spain) is the organization in charge of organizing in our country the dog competitions, exhibitions and sporting events, in addition to extending pedigree certificates and to maintain the Canine Breed Registry.

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If you have a pedigree dog, you should check their website. If on the contrary, your dog is not ‘blue blood’ but you still want him to participate in agility competitionsYou can get information from the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation.

And if you are more into cats, the cat equivalent to the RSCE is the Club Felino Español.