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the best websites in Spanish that work in 2020

22 mayo, 2021

Download torrents It is not the same today as it was ten or five years ago. Not only are there now multiple streaming services where you can see everything without having to dig through weird download websites that are still running, but it is increasingly common for the most popular sites to end up blocked by your operator.

However, for all those content needs that some cannot satisfy in other ways, there are still plenty of websites to download torrents, such as The Pirate Bay, which has returned to its original domain. In that sense, if what you are looking for is Spanish sites that hang p2p links, here are some options that are still alive in 2021.



Despite the crashes, this page persists. And although you may find it down from time to time, for now in the domain you can get it working and with all kinds of torrents in Spanish available.

Divxtotal is mainly a movie torrent website, with HD, 3D, and DVDR versions, although it also lists series, programs, music and other various types of files.



Another that had to release a new domain to bypass the blockade of the operators, and although from time to time it also suffers its falls, it continues to return like the flu. The domain is online and loaded with torrents in Spanish.

Elitetorrent is dedicated solely to movies and series, Most of you will get them in 1080p and 720p, both in Spanish from Spain and Latin Spanish, dubbed or in the original version with subtitles.

On this website you can search for torrents on multiple sites at the same time and find dozens of trackers that remain active


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In DonTorrent you get a wide variety of torrent files of all kinds organized by categories and alphabetical order. In total, they have indexed more than 120,000 torrents and list three alternative domains in case they suffer the luck of the blocks.

This is the website with the most content of all, not only are there movies and series in different qualities, but you also get music, documentaries, games, software and more than 2000 varied torrents.

Brand new

Brand new

Estrenosgo is another of the classics of recent years, and within them, one that changes domain frequently. On this website we can download torrents and files in direct download, from many categories: billboard, HDrip, DVDrip, series, games, software, music and more.

With its eMule logo and its somewhat old aesthetic, Estrenosgo is a website that reminds us of similar websites that existed a decade and a half ago.

How to use qBittorrent to find and download torrents without visiting any website

Best Torrent

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Although it has perhaps the most outdated website of all, perhaps more than Divxtotal, in MejorTorrent you get more than 57,000 torrents indexed, and the page, although simple, has just what you need. You are going to get mainly series and movies, as well as some games, documentaries and some music.


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In SubTorrents you get, as the name would have you imagine, torrents of subtitled content. You can find series and movies in the original language with integrated subtitles in Spanish, mainly in DVD or 720p quality.

Some of these sites have more advertising than others, while some may open pop-up windows with ads. It is something that you have to deal with in many cases when browsing torrent websites. It is at your discretion to use something like uBlock Origin to avoid loading too much hassle.