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The best websites to download free applications

23 mayo, 2021

Download software online It can quickly become quite a risky practice, especially when instead of going to the official website of an application, we opt for any result that appears on Google, where unreliable options are unnecessary.

However, there are still some online software repositories where it is not only safe download free apps, but you can do it safely, and also, without being bombarded with advertising. These are our recommendations:




We recently talked about FossHub in Genbeta, as it is one of the best websites to download open source software for free simply and safely. FossHub is relatively new, and offers an alternative to sites that have ended up with a bad reputation, such as Sourceforge or Softonic.

At FossHub you get a lots of famous open source apps, like Audacity, qBittorrent, Classic Shell, GParted, f.lux, Kodi, or GIMP, to name a few. Many of the official sites for these programs even link directly to FossHub to host their executables.

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FossHub does not modify the binaries of the software it hosts, and you can see the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 signatures of all available files before deciding to download. All downloads are direct, and generally work quite fast.



Ninite is another great option to download free software to your computer safely and quickly. However, this website takes the process even further and avoids not only the crapware of the installers, but also does it all for you.

You see, at Ninite you have a list of famous apps for almost every possible need. You only have to check the boxes of all the programs you want to download and once you are ready, you will download the Ninite installer that will download and install everything for you automatically.

Everything is downloaded from the official site of each program, then you don’t have to check for updates because Ninite checks for you when you run it, so it’s also an easy way to keep your Windows apps up-to-date.

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Chocolate and

Chocolate and

In case you didn’t know, Chocolatey is one of the simplest and safest ways to install software in Windows using the terminal. Before you freak out about “terminal”, let us tell you how easy it is to use.

Chocolatey also has a graphical interface, that is, a version from which you don’t need to use the terminal to install your applications. You just have to follow the same instructions to install Chocolatey that we have already covered before and then install ChocolateyGUI (the graphical interface).

Once this is done, you can download everything directly from there by doing searches. On the Chocolatey packages website you will find everything and the exact command to copy and paste in your terminal. Every package in this repository has been reviewed by the community to make sure they are free of any malware.