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The best websites to download free fonts

21 mayo, 2021

The sources o fonts They are one of the most sought after resources on the web, not only by professional designers or beginners, but by anyone who needs to use one or another type of font in their documents, presentations, designs, websites, or even in the operating system.

While both Windows, Linux or macOS already come with a wide selection of pre-installed fonts, those rarely meet the unique needs of each person, especially if they are looking to differentiate themselves. This is where the web comes in, there is no lack of sites where find fonts that are also free.

In Genbeta before we have recommended 13 websites to download free fonts that you can use to complement this list. This time we have chosen little known sites with more unique and hard-to-get fonts in any massive online font library.

Calligraphr, this tool lets you create a font from your own calligraphy

Lost type


Lost Type is a website where various typeface designers collaborate and offer their work to the public. The quality of the fonts you find here is extremely high and the selection, although relatively small, is extremely varied.

Lost Type fonts are premium, but you can download them all for free For personal use, such as in school projects or your work for which you will not charge, to test in sketches, etc. Now, if you want a commercial license there if you would have to pay.



Interfacer is a small website that offers several types of free design resources. Among his selection he has a fairly robust section of beautiful and free fonts that you can use in your projects, and with the preview of each one you quickly get a good idea of ​​whether it is what you are looking for.


UnDeck is a website with links to sites that offer free and open source resources made by creators who have decided to share some of their projects openly.

UnDeck has a fonts section where there are few options for now, but they are great options in which you will also find multiple free fonts.



Pixelify is another website of design resources that also has a font section, however, the one on this site is much larger. In total, Pixelify has 2400+ free fonts in your library that are also free for personal and commercial use.



ByPeople is a website of designers for designers. In your section of freebies They’ve added a whole directory of free things to use in design, including a handful of hand-picked fonts just so we can use them commercially if we need it.

Universal Sans is the definitive typeface: a fully customizable font that you can download with your modifications

Better Font Finder

Better Font Finder

If you already know Google Font, which is basically Google’s paradise for font collectors, you are sure to appreciate Better Font Finder, an improved search engine to find the perfect font from the gigantic free-use collection that the company offers.

Better Font Finder helps you select fonts according to their visual similarity. Initially you have a list of similar fonts to which you can apply various filters instantly to preview how the text looks.


Freebiebucket is a website that collects free resources for designers and web developers mainly. Its fonts section has a selection of recommendations for other sites to download free and free-to-use fonts, or tools for creating, previewing, or testing fonts before downloading.