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The best websites to learn English for free

22 mayo, 2021

Learning English is a common pending subject. A new year’s or new year’s resolution, a continuous aspiration, an ever-prevailing need … What happens, as with other goals, is that either we don’t want to get on with it or we don’t have enough money to be able to achieve our goal. .

Luckily for those who want to learn English for free the internet is full of tremendously useful resources. We talk about online exercises, grammar explanations, sentence examples, video classes, exchange communities …

Online exercises, grammar explanations, sentence examples, video classes, exchange communities … learning English for free on the internet is absolutely feasible

In our selection of best websites to learn English for free We are going to look at those places that, with a little bit of everything, give us the opportunity to teach ourselves in the language of Shakespeare from scratch or, simply, to improve our level of English by establishing knowledge and advancing.



Duolingo is a really great way to learn English because learning dynamics is essentially based on play. You can read the theory, know what grammar knowledge you will need, but the basis of the game is to answer questions trying to get the most points, compete against the clock and level up. Short lessons and motivation so that learning a little every day does not become a tedium. And in Spanish.

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is the service that the BBC, the British broadcasting corporation, makes available to anyone looking to learn or improve their English. Its website is entirely in English, there is no option to learn with instructions in another language, but we find content for all levels that with a little effort we can assimilate perfectly. We find activities, videos, articles, explanations of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation … An endless website to learn English for free.

Langolin promises to help you learn languages ​​by watching Netflix: lessons based on the dialogues of each episode

British Council

British Council

The British Council is a public cultural institute in the United Kingdom that aims to disseminate knowledge of the English language and their culture through training and other educational activities. And one of the ways it has to achieve this is its website to learn English. In it we can find a large amount of free content composed of tests, audios, videos, grammatical explanations and high quality vocabularies as guaranteed by this institution.

Web Agenda

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Agenda Web does not have the best design in history, this is clear, but it is a website in which we can find countless English exercises on everything we can imagine. We can navigate through it or, go to Google and search for the term “web agenda” together with what we want to practice, such as irregular verbs. Through exercises normally consisting of choosing options from a drop-down or writing, we will be able to review and practice to learn English effectively.

DeepL, the best alternative to Google Translate, already has an application for Windows and macOS: this is how it works


Linguee logo

Linguee, despite not offering courses or exercises as such, is one of the best websites to learn English for free. Why? Because the potential of the information that is able to provide us is incredible. Basically, in addition to being a normal and current dictionary, it allows us to search for groups of words and phrases to know how they are translated correctly and not how, too many times, typical translators do it by performing literal conversions.