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The best websites to listen to online radio from around the world

22 mayo, 2021

Despite all the communication opportunities offered by the Internet, we like to use it also to access the ‘old’ media: to read digital editions of paper newspapers, streaming broadcasts from TV channels … and also for listen to radio stations.

But if there is an advantage that listening to the radio online has compared to the traditional system, it is that geographic location is no longer a problemSuddenly, we have access to hundreds of stations across the country … or tens of thousands of stations around the world.

Therefore, to know where to turn according to the content we are looking for, we have prepared you this small (but complete) list:

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Streema is a web directory (and mobile app for Andorid and iOS) that makes it easy for us to reproduce around 70,000 radio stations different (and 10,000 TV channels).

It allows us to navigate through a system of categories according to geographical area (by continents) and by classification (Music, conversation, news and sports); Added to that is a gender tag system.

When accessing any of the stations, the corresponding player will open an additional window (still within In addition, if we have a web page, it will offer us the option to insert in it a customizable player widget of our favorite station.



Radio.Garden is probably the newest option on the list: a radiophonic transcript of Google Earth that allows us travel the globe and select all the radio stations that broadcast from the same geographical point.

So said it sounds simple (no search by categories or genres, no podcasts …), but what this website does (a project of the Institute of Sound and Vision of the Netherlands), it does well.

It is a way of encouraging you to ‘travel the world’ and to find some little gem.

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Radio Spain

This web, focused on Spanish radio stations, allows us to navigate between them based on the autonomous community from which it broadcasts or, if it is musical, the genre that best labels its sound offer.

An interesting feature of this website is that it also offers a tab from which we can access to the archive of podcasts of the main programs national radio stations.

The page is related to another very similar one (myTuner) that, in its case, allows access the radio offer from many countries (If we look for Spanish content, it will be traced to MyTuner does have its corresponding mobile apps.


The proposal it does not differ much from the previous one: the cover offers a varied selection of channels for quick access, and if we don’t find anything relevant, we can use the sidebar and browse genres and regions.

And also like the previous one, it is linked to another website that facilitates access to content from various countries.

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AccuRadio is presented (in English) as a website “from music lovers for music lovers”. Technically it does not allow us to listen to stations real, since it only offers online content channels selected by the website itself.

Its presence on the list is due to the wide variety of alternatives it offers, don’t think that it is the typical formula of “one channel per genre”: it even offers channels ‘curated’ by various Anglo-Saxon radio professionals.

And if a song doesn’t convince you, you can always move on to the next track.